Tips for grade 3?

Hello everyone! I am just a few landings away from reaching grade 3, what are some key differences I need to learn coming from training to expert?


ATC is a lot stricter. You have to listen to every instruction they give you or you’ll get reported.


That actions have consequences. Know how to talk to ATC or you won’t have to (or be able to, in that matter).


Hey buddy, to make it short, the main point of expert is to ALWAYS AND ALWAYS do what ATC is telling you, they are high trained volunteers.

The second thing is just to respect everyone, some people will fly realistic, other will do Amsterdam to London in a A380, but in the end we are all here to enjoy a beautiful game on our portable device.


Are the atc instructions the same on expert and training, or is there more complexity.

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It’s pretty much the same, pretty much the only difference is that there is “please follow instructions,” and “Check user guide for help using ATC instructions”


It is different. For causal anyone can be atc, but in expert these people have to go through tests, and tons of training. So you always have to follow directions

Don’t fly in a jet lmao


As you can see from all the people above, following ATC directions is by far the most important. Worst feeling is getting expert just to lose it immediately after.

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It’s gonna be a lot more professional, but don’t let that deter you from enjoying the experience. You’ll fly with many great pilots (and the occasional troll), and it’s gonna be a lot more relaxed than it sounds from the outside. Just follow procedures and you’ll be aight.

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Basically, ATC doesn’t play. Stay 100% innocent with them and respond swiftly to commands. As a courtesy to other players you should also master realistic looking turns, landings and takeoff speeds. Freestyle your way of “hand flying” from there.

Read the flying guide (if you haven’t, although it’ll help a lot), and keep things professional; and always follow ATC instructions. That’s it. Even though is true that IFATC members are strict, we won’t report you straight away. If a pilot makes a mistake, we do give them some time for them to correct. Everyone makes mistakes, we are all humans. A report is given if the situation turns out serious.

I’d really suggest to not go to the +100 inbound airports right away after gaining Grade 3. Go to some small airfields with ATC, understand how everything works, before going to big hubs. You can do some pattern work, practice arrivals with radar, etc. Expert Server ATC is way different than Training Server.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to shoot me a message :D


It’s better on the expert server just follow what they say and you’ll be fine

Lol that what I did the first time being grade 3, it was at Mumbai (VABB), +180 arrivals, ATC told me to hold pattern, the time a search what is a pattern I already got a Level 2 vio (well deserved). So don’t be like me read carefully the ATC command guide 😅.

I mean its just going in a big loop but I’d be afraid to stay in the game because I’ve swore I tried exactly that and it either wasn’t in the correct area or wasn’t the right size “racetrack”

An old topic, but still useful.


Too many times I see people who don’t know what they’re doing on the expert server. Read the guides, listen to ATC, and try to be as professional as possible. Mistakes do happen to everyone, and it’s a good learning experience. Just don’t be the guy crashing into the buildings (accident or on purpose 😭) or doing pattern work in an F-18 at LAX 😊.


This is also a nice summary of ATC related interactions on ES:

Other than that, of most importance is to observe speed restrictions and maintain respectful spacing with others.

Also, it can only help to practice any potentially challenging scenarios going back occasionally to, say, TS first. Like maybe, how to feel confident in doing an entire ILS approach on command in a dense traffic environment, with a more challenging aircraft etc.

You can be reported on Expert and loose access to the server :D

Training is rather loose with the rules in comparison, it’s for training. Expert is more serious. More people on there know what they’re doing a bit better.

I haven’t observed your flying, but be realistic with it. Not realistic as in ”dont fly ryanair 737s from KLAX to KSFO” but rather don’t land at 200kts and drag race around the taxiways.

Respect your fellow pilots, don’t pull out onto the runway in front of them while they’re just about to touch down, and keep your distance from others both on the ground and in the air.

The most important thing (imo) for expert server is to know how to interact with ATC. There’s a manual for that on the forum here. You may not learn everything from it but flying and interacting at calm and quiet airports with ATC can help build up that skill. Some controllers on training may not know what they’re doing, but expert ATC go through tests overseen by actual people and not the servers like the pilot flying grade system. Expert ATC can also kick you from the server if you don’t follow what they’re telling you. They can also make mistakes, as you may do (or already have) too.
A little patience can go a long ways too, especially at ultra busy airport where you’re in line for a while.
Once you get the hang of it it’s a blast

typed this up past 11 at night after a drive so if there’s any mistakes I’ll be back in a while to fix them