Tips for game crash

Are there any tips for the game crashs while devs are working hard on the them?

Because I just lost a 10 hour flight

bro that is tough it still happens to me with the graphics down and everything sorry can really help you out there :C

Blake from USA_ATC

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Hey. Sorry to hear this. Unfortunately there isn’t much that can be done at the moment. You can restart your device prior to each flight, lower the graphics, lower your brightness, and use the in game low power mode, however it isn’t an ideal solution and isn’t a guaranteed fix. Other than that we just have to wait as the devs are working on this. You patience is appreciated!

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Use the tail camera and point it at the sky, lower your brightness, use the in game low power mode, and set the in game time to night.

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Does this work on all your flights without crashing ?

Hide Airspaces in map, it loads a lot of things… you can fly without that. It works in my end, I have a 5 years old iPhone 6 ^^.

@Wallacy What device are you on?

iPhone XR @Chris_S

I am planning on buying a very new device pretty soon here, I hope that clears up the issues. Btw how do you hide airspaces? I would really like to know for the meantime while mowing lawns to get a new iPad.

You go to your map and click settings and it should show up

Okay thanks.

Click the little gear icon and click “Hide Airspaces”

Will do thanks.

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yes, I use an iPhone 6S and I can complete 20 hour flights with ease (low graphics of course). Medium I’ve done 12 but I haven’t pushed it further.

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