Tips for flying the C17 - Globemaster

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Has any of you flown the C17 Globemaster? I know it’s not a popular plane to flight, but in the last days I have been trying to perform a good flight and I always end up in a crash :/, I know it’s heavy and thats one of the main points. So if any of you guys has flown this aircraft before, could you help me? What’s the recommended speed to take off, VS, Altitude, Most important; speed to land, etc (other advices).

PS: parameters according to normal weight of the aircraft

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Slow down to under 150 for full flaps and level off yourself. The autopilot is very lame.

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consejo para volar el C17:
no volar el C17


Don’t put spoilers on until on short final. I put them on flight, when to do something and when I came back I was falling to the ground.


Yes, as Riley said, you’ll need to turn spoilers on and off to get where you want. I’ve done both normal and assault style landings with it successfully. It’s just a bad model and you need to do some weird things to get it to fly the way you want, like turning on and off spoilers and keeping your speed up on final.


OK, I’m in the IFM lemme talk to him!
Never go under 220kts without flaps 1
Keep it steady at all times!don’t make sharp turns, etc etc!

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It’s a slow climber. (Try to climb too fast and it will go vertical)

Start at 3,000 VS/240 IAS to 6K, then drop down 500 VS every 6K (Increase IAS as you see fit past 10K) after that to your selected cruise.

Thanks guys! I do appreciate your time and explaining , I’ll see how it goes! Hasta la vista!

Exactamente, exactly! 😂

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