Tips for flying in the US

Hi everyone,

After many years of flying in the UK, I’m planning to do a few flights in the US. Any tips?

Don’t just do large LH’s do some smaller short hops like KROA to KCLT or KROA to KDCA. Enjoy the nice scenery and have fun!

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stay in the west coast. anywhere past denver is just plain farms

For some suggestions, here are some US-West airports that I think are beautiful and sometimes underrated:

  • KPDX
  • KRNO
  • KEGE
  • KBOI
  • KONT
  • KMFR

I don’t know much about US-East airports do I decided to do my take on US-West.

Some good routes also:


Hello! I would recommend flying to some of the more “intresting” airports in the U.S. Some of those include…

  • KDCA Runway 19 (River Visual)
  • KASE
  • KEGE
  • KJFK Runway 13L/R (Parkway Visual)
  • KRNO

Hope some of these suggestions helped! Safe flying and if you have any questions about the U.S, feel free to message me!

Just fly and enjoy 😉✈️🤙

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Key West: am I a joke to you


Okay, as someone who flies a lot in the US, I have the following recommendations:

  1. If you’re looking for great GA flying I suggest FL CO AK and HI.
  2. If you’re looking for mid to long haul (4 hours and up) don’t just do LAX JFK. Do some interesting ones like PHKO KDFW, PANC KSFO and so on.
  3. Try some interesting runways like EYW and DCA among others. It can be fun!
  4. Last but not least enjoy!

There are lots of options and many regions with multiple airports.
Not only LAX and JFK, but also large hubs like STL, MCI, CLE, MSP, etc
You can get (domestic) flights anywhere from 25 minutes to 12+ hours.
Looking on FR24 at a specific airport helps too if you want to fly real routes

Use!! - They have all IRL Flightplans in the USA with correct SIDs STARs and Waypoints - I use it for every flight within the USA. GIves a large sense of realism that an aircraft flew the exact same route as u. Plus you can check Gate, Terminal, Altitude and Speed - All for free! Happy flying! :)

I can suggest you to do a flight to Salt Lake City there is an awesome scenery. And beautiful mountains.

Congrats on triggering everyone in Literally Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Orlando, Miami, New York City, Washington, Philadelphia, Boston, Norfolk, Atlanta, Charleston, Louisville, Detroit, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Charlotte, Nashville, Tampa, Jacksonville, and New Orleans among others


tHe Us JuSt IsNt DiVeRsE!
ThEy OnLy HaVe DESERTS, ISLANDS, PLAINS, MOUNTAINS, TUNDRA, TROPICS, VALLEYS, COASTS, 10+ airlines and almost every aircraft and variant in IF!


Bro are you joking? There is an entire mountain range (the Appalachians) on the east coast.

That’s a good joke!

No seriously Midwest has got some great scenery too
And eastern US
Just a great country to fly in as a whole

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As some others have said, I recommend the runway 19 river visual approach at KDCA from one of its destinations.

I also recommend flying down to the Florida Keys with a GA aircraft to Key West (KEYW) or Marathon (KMTH). KEYW also has commercial service with airlines like Delta, American, and United so if you do a little research, you’ll find a flight down there which is always fun and scenic.

The Great Lakes are pretty awesome too just to throw that as a suggestion.

But if you are looking for scenic routes, stay somewhere near the coast because there is nothing but farmland and the great plains in the middle of the US.

I think the big question as the pilot is what are YOU looking for out of the flight? Challenging approach? Beautiful scenery? Water? Mountains? High winds? Depending what you are looking for can really change where you may want to fly; the US is a big place.

I’ve lived in St. Louis for a bit over 4 years and traveled to some cities nearby and the east coast, it’s not all farms.

I should phrase this better: most parts after dever are farms, NOT ALL.

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No wonder it’s called “the Great Plains

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