Tips for Flying in IF While on a Real Airliner

In just a few days, I will be boarding my flight to Japan.

Main legs:
American KSEA-KCLT

I thought it would be interesting to see how these flights in IF would compare with their real life counterparts, so I was thinking of running each flight in IF while we actually sit 30,000 ft in the air. I know some members of the community have also attempted this, and I have a few questions to ask them:

  • Before, I was hoping to livestream my attempts (with one camera pointing out the window and another pointing at the device), but I have (for now) ruled out this idea due to its complexity. But just in case I somehow make it work, will the WiFi be fast enough on any of these airlines to stream video from YouTube, let alone upload video live? Will the WiFi even be fast enough to run IF smoothly? We are planning on purchasing WiFi on the plane for the international flights. We also get free GoGo WiFi with the one domestic leg.
  • Unfortunately, I checked, and the Delta and American planes we’re taking are not fitted with GoGo’s new 2KU high-speed WiFi antennas. Does this mean we’re stuck with 0.5 mbps internet speeds? I believe United’s supplier is Panasonic for the 77W, is the speed on their network any good?
  • Is the WiFi on the Delta and United flights going to be consistent while flying over open ocean (and over land), or are there “dead-zones” in certain places?
  • Does IF usually line up with the timing of the real world flights, or is it at all shorter?
  • Have any other tips or tricks I should know before the flight?

Thanks for the help! I hope to bring back some photos from the flights once the trip has ended. :)


I would say that in the ground u would be able to play up untill takeoff (using your cell service) and then u will be paused untill crossing 10,000+ feet
I don’t advise to playe b4 takeoff I say starting after connecting to the WiFi… but once your connected u cld have bad WiFi which can lead to u not being able to play online in IF

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