Tips for first overnighter flight

Hello there all! I flew a lot of long flights, but never an overnighter. I am going to do an overnighter flight today, from Seoul to Helsinki, because I need to attend this event. Any tips for an overnighter flight? Thank you in advance!


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Hi! Some advice. Think this one is obvious but keep your device charged. Also pointing your camera up in the cockpit and lowering your graphics when you are away for long periods of time is a good method. Keep VNAV unarmed in case you oversleep. Good luck and enjoy your flight!


Another good tip is to step-climb, starting at a lower altitude and them working your way up to the final height will improve your fuel economy.

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Thanks you 2 for the tips!

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Completely agree w/ above, step climb and do not arm VNAV. I have my alarm set within 10-15 min of planned TOD just in case Center is active or APP.


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