Tips for extending a flight

i overestimated the flight time for a flight
and i need teh flight to be at least an horu longer than what it is

any tips?
i tried lower altitude hardly made a difference

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Try slowing down(not too much)

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ok for an A380 M0.82 would be sow enough?

Can you try M0.80?
I’ve flew 777s at M0.79 before

i am goin gto take all the Cargo in the world i think i shhouold keep some speed

Hey how much are you from your destination?

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havent started lol
still at the gate
Fpltoif shows the flight will be an hour early than its supposed to be

Modify your flight plan, if you want to keep it realistic include a deviation a bit to the left/right of your current path

im flying for a VA i doubt they will allow thta
lemme ask

Fuel burn charts

Hold over a fix or an airport, short of your destination, perhaps.

This is done IRL sometimes. Just make sure you don’t run out of fuel.

if only i saw this before
i ended up going to egypt than jeddah

Why not just do a few 360s at cruise?

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well i was sleeping and it was 1 am

If you’re looking for an hour, generally you won’t be able to slow down enough to make that happen - unless your flight is really long. What I would do is fly at normal speed, but build yourself a few 360s before your STAR using waypoints in the area.

where were you 7 hours ago? lmao

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