Tips for Earning XP

Hello everybody, Just wondering if anyone has any tips for earning XP quicker. I’m currently Grade 2 at around 29,000 XP and I’m on the final stretch towards Grade 3. I know you can do Long haul flights but was wondering if anyone had any tips. Thanks!

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Lots of tips in the replies below this topic!


When I was in the same position I went to OPLA where there are two parallel runways and an extra airport nearby and did loads of pattern work in a q400 or a citation. The fact that there is an extra airport means if you mess up the 180 turn for the parallel runways you can do a touch and go at the other one too.


Tight patterns with the Cessna 208 in high winds. Use for surface wind information

Here is what I have done. Go to KIWA near Phoenix, it has 3 parallel runways and do as many landings as you can. I use the E170, as it’s got great STOL performance. I have knocked out as many as 60+ touch and go’s an hour.


I would recommend touch and goes at EGLL with a citation X

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