Tips for doing a Ultra Long Haul

Good day/night IFC, i am still kind of puzzled on how to prepare on doing a ULH flight since 3 days ago, I flew from Paris to Atlanta and to my mistake that headwinds are too strong which made me land onto Atlanta on fumes (4% fuel left when i landed.) What things should i consider aside from winds so my next ULH goes unevently?

Anyways the flight i am talking about is Singapore 1, SIN-EWR (17-18 hours)

my routine.

  1. Take off
  2. Turn down device brightness to the lowest possible
  3. make sure battery saving mode is on from IF settings
  4. if the device battery percentage is below 20%, put it on charge.
  5. make sure the charging device is in a place with high airflow
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Noted, thanks!

The legend…

  1. Use step climb to increase fuel efficiency.
  2. Use some extra flaps and power on Take Off. You will be too heavy
  3. Put at least 3h of extra fuel in case of winds
  4. Plan well your FPL, and check out for possible airports in case of deviation
  5. Trust the A/P ;)
  6. Be aware when your aircraft will be descending
  7. Relax, and enjoy the flight!
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You can do ultra long haul flights by setting your passenger count and cargo lower and slightly higher for fuel and account for extra 1.5-2 hours. I’ve done flights from KJFK-YSSY and EGLL-YSSY and they’re almost 20hrs nonstop.

Sure it does!😆

Hi there!

I’ve done this route a few times on various aircraft.

I would highly suggest using Infinite Flight FPL Converter for working out your fuel needed, as well as using a real source of the flight, such as Flightaware or Flightradar24 to realistically use the altitude and step climbs the aircraft made.


Good question! I’m currently in the middle of my ultra long haul, as the recommendations above have stated, its trying to conserve battery life that should be also taken into account, I also recommend changing the charger when it gets incredibly hot to the touch, give said charger a rest, change it out for another one if possible.

For longer flights more planning is necessary. You can use Simbrief to create a flightplan that contains route, a fuel planning and much more. can show you wind directions and speeds on different altitudes. Make sure how long a certain flight route takes in real life and which usual cruise speeds are used by certain aircrafts. Another method is Stepclimbing but you have to be on your device active for this. And get some extra fuel. Ive heard that fuel isnt too expensive in Infinite Flight.

Do it at about 4 or 5PM. You don’t want to end up landing at at least 10PM.

Time is fine for me, as i have no school for the ENTIRE YEAR OF 2021 and i have nothing else to do the whole day.

Just waiting for the my username change before i fly…

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long haul flights are good study sessions aswell!

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