Tips for beginner pilot in infinite flight

I am dumb at times lol

I recommend that you watch this video for Vspeeds.

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Nooooooo don’t say that! When I was new (many years ago) I had absolutely no idea what anything was. Everyone has to start somewhere. Nobody is born with a complete knowledge of aviation. I can even say that I still learn something new about airplanes every day.


That’s good that you improve so quickly, wish my boyfriend could help me but he is extremely busy right now.

Another thing is: You can take your time! There’s no need to try to rush to get to the expert server while lacking good pilot etiquette and information. Use solo and the casual server (only at airports that aren’t flooded with trolls such as LAX, LHR, JFK, etc.) as they cannot give you violations and it provides a good place to learn. When you do get to the Expert Server, ATC is here to smoothen out your expert experience! I would personally start flying some of the smaller hubs before you should start flying into the main hub to contribute to your experience and knowledge with ATC and interactions with other pilots. Once you do feel ready and your skills are sharp, you can start flying into those ATC hubs smoothly and efficiently. Read and listen to the information that others have provided to you in this topic, and good luck on your Infinite Flight journey!

I think SFO is more trolls than JFK

I included the et cetera to state that I probably forgot to put an airport down. If there’s any other issues with my post, send me a message in private. Back on topic :)

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Taking off at too steep a V/S (vertical speed), being over MTOW (maximum takeoff weight) at cruise, going too slow at a high altitude, are all examples of what can trigger a stall. As for dealing with a stall, you may have to dump fuel to lighten your load or hold your device flat for a few seconds to force down the nose of the aircraft.

How high are you pitching your nose when you take off? Also, what is your aircraft weight in relation to MTOW?

[quote=“RileyGShep1, post:1, topic:520909”]
I don’t know what’s the cruising altitude as well.

There are factors that play into choosing a cruising altitude. Not all of these apply to Infinite Flight. 10 Factors You Should Consider For Your Cruise Altitude | Boldmethod

The flaps help create lift for takeoff, and drag for landing, trim helps keeping the nose up during flight, and the spoilers (speed brakes) help slow down the plane during descent and landing

So, with speeds. The Boeing 737 Family, 757, Airbus A320, A319, A318, and A321 cruise between M 0.78 and M 0.82. The larger planes can fly past that, but I would recommend staying at M 0.84-.85. The final approach should be from 130 knots to 140 knots with full flaps. That’s all I have for you.


Lower your sensitivity controls in settings (under controls) for a less instant, overreaction turn and keep clearing your cache (General settings) before/after your flight for smoother frames and less lag would be my .02.

Also could DL third party apps such as IFOperations (free I believe) and IFAssistant ($)

My advice probably won’t be all that popular but…

Don’t jump into an airliner right off the bat!

Start flying the Caravan, Skyhawk, or TBM out of your local airport to learn the basics of game, and
maneuvers / Unicom calls.
Patterns, and shorter cross country fights will teach you a whole lot more than just firing up a 777 and flying it to Dubai or London while you sleep.

Bigger planes are easier to fly in winds though

For the takeoff issue specifically:
If you just want to avoid stalling, you can’t go wrong with 98% N1, rotating at 160kts and climbing out with 15 deg pitch at 180kts (exception being a really heavy big plane like 777 747 350 380). Remember flaps. Don’t rotate too fast - normal rotation speed is 2-3 deg per sec, lines on the HUD are 5 degrees apart.

As for landings, biggest tip is to line up to circle thing with the runway once you are on the ILS.

Exactly…you don’t learn by taking the easy route

You also don’t learn by taking a very hard route

Honestly just don’t fly in the area @ToasterStroodie is controlling in, the rest will take care of itself.

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Welcome to the community, as many others have already said and provided excellent resources - I highly suggest you research and take in all of that.

When you eventually progress to the level of expert server, you will most likely be ready if you cared enough to make a post like this.

The only thing I can say is if ATC asks you to jump, ask them how high… lol

The controllers, along with your fellow community members’ input and literature are fantastic resources and I highly suggest you utilize all of it.

Again, welcome to the community and I hope to see you in the skies!!

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Having looked through your posts your staring from the very beginning aren’t you. I would say to pick a local airport, preferably a big one with a decent runway and pick a small ish passenger plane. A319, a320 something like that, and try to follow the rest. Stick to the beginner server and when you crash start again, you will get it eventually.

Pick your starting point in the runway, set your flaps (bits under the wings that move) to help with takeoff. Push power to about 90% and try your best to keep straight on the runway and gently lift the nose at about 150kts, lift it about 10 to 15 degrees (2 or 3 of the green horizontal lines) and just fly in a straight a line as you can manage. Level off at about 4000ft. Remember to lift the landing gear 🤣
You will need to lower your power as the plane will speed up as you level off, try keep it below 250kts.
I would say to use the auto pilot to make it easier here, set the V/S (vertical speed, how quickly the plane is climbing of dropping) to 0 to maintain your 4000,set your speed to about 245kts and if you want lock your heading also. Now, the plane will fly itself. I would remover the heading Auto Pilot option and gently turn the plane untill your facing 180 the other way. TAKE YOUR TIME. Fly back to the glide slope indicator at the approach end of the run way, give yourself a lot of room and try to land 😂😂😂
Landing is difficult, main pointer would be full flaps, and speed about 160kts, now it will feel like your going really slow but be patient. Just try to line the circle bit up with the runway. But give yourself lots of space to line up.
People will give you calculations for decent etc, that’s all very complicated, I would say to aim to be about 3500 when yiu hit the glide slope (red line pointing to run way) and try to aim for the runway.
It is hard, and there are a lot of terms but once you realise what most of them mean it’s not that hard to get the basics.
Probably to much info here but good luck.

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Put it to Low or normal? How do you go about configuring your sensitivity?