Tips For Aspiring IFATC Controllers

I have very recently completed the recruitment process. I feel there is a need for me to share tips and mistakes I made in the process so you guys don’t make the same ones. I tried to make this short so you guys will actually read it.

Be Patient

This is the main part where I went wrong with my process. I would be asking my recruiter if he received my message four hours after I sent it. The results of that happening many times delayed my process by more than a month. Refer to this: Recruiters Have Lives

First Impressions are everything

Recruiters are volunteers. making a good impression right off the start will deepen your relationship with them. If there is something you need help with, the recruiter will more willingly explain the material to you if you made a good impression.

Don't take the written without looking at the tutorials

This was also a big mistake for me. I thought that just because I knew what sequencing was, I could easily pass. After two fails, I decided to read the tutorials, and I got all but two questions right.

Make a tracking thread

Just because you can control at LAX on training server does no mean that you are ready for IFATC. Make a tracking thread where people will give you feedback on your performance. Here is a tutorial about how to make one: How To Make ATC Tracking Threads. [Vocab Now Added!]

Thank you guys for reading, and I hope to be controlling you guys in the near future.

There are similar topics but this is my personal advice.


Feel free to comment any other tips I should include!

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Also make a ATC tracking thread for practice! I made a tutorial for it!

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I’ll include that! Thanks

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Also it was a pleasure recruiting you for TSATC!

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It was a pleasure working for TSATC! If you need any help with recruiting or anything else let me know

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On your written, must you get 100% or is there a little tolerance.

Thanks, Pickles. Good stuff.

80% minimum.


That’s not bad then

You must get at least 20/25 to pass I believe. Correct me if I’m wrong @JoshFly8

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That name is kind of growing on me. Thanks to you Josh

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Hope to join you very soon, trainer believes I’m one session from test. 😬

Wishing you all the best of luck @APH71

What do you mean?

Cheers mate.

Practice session with my trainer.

You can tag me when you open in your tracking thread if you want some tips from me.

My advice would be.
Loads of patience, TS server can be hard work when trying to get aircraft into patterns etc

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Just need a group of pilots to test my skill.
I will always welcome advice and tips.

I will be aviable in around 3 hours and 20 minutes. You are correct about having loads of patience.