Tips for approaching Leh (VILH)

I had a hard time approaching leh today by avoiding the mountains very closely and terrain is very high and it’s harder then what I do in paro, Lukla ETC

I have 2 good tips for you:

  1. Make sure with these approaches, you are looking at approach plates, which can be found on google. They will give you all the helpful information such as heading, suggested or required altitudes, speed, and even missed approach instructions. They will make your approach more manageable.

  2. Don’t fall for the mountain trap. The mountain trap is when you can see the runway or airport through the mountain. I regret to say that I have fallen for that trap a little too many 😂.

Here’s a guide I found online that could help you in the future: VILH Approach Guide

Hopefully this helps


I honestly don’t mind mountain traps (because I know about St barts approach)

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