Tips For A Successful Flight

A Flight. It’s not the easiest thing to do, at least, not in a jet. I have become a master of flight in 2 or 3 flights easily. My Skill is all thanks to the members of the IFFG. They Created Checklists and Breifing form and Pilot report forms for IF. Thanks to these Documents, and a Moga Pro 2, I have gone from a Guy who uses auto pilot for everything to feeling like an actual pilot. Here are some tips for you to be a master of flight:

  1. Buy a Joystick or gamepad, it will make takeoffs much easier.

  2. Get Liveflight Connect, it creates an automated Cockpit affect.

  3. Search IFFG’s Facebook page and the IF Forums for Documents, such as: Checklists, Pilot reports, and Briefing forms. scan thoroughly and follow it in order.

  4. For Trim, set it to 10%., it will help in the descent.

  5. This is optional, but use auto pilot for the descent (It is what I do)

  6. use Liveflight Connect’s “Autonav” Feature, it is very useful.

Hopefully, these tips will help you pecome a very good flying pilot!

PS: If you are with Miles VA, PM Me for pilot training with these new flying techniques.

Scott Eaton, CEO, Miles VA


Files Coming soon.

Nice. Some good tips

A master of flight in 2 or 3 flights?!! Wow, you should have @Mark_Denton’s job! Let’s have a spitfire challenge! Or any aircraft of your choosing. I can’t wait to see your skills!


Very nice, make sure to remember, trim settings differ depending on conditions and weight :)

Well to be fair, i have done lot’s of flights, but it took 2 or 3 flights to get the hang of this whole “Checklists” thing.

Thanks for the tip!

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I do better without a joystick and I’m sure others do to. Nice tips though!!

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How do I make the joystick work?

“Mastering” a checklist is A LOT different than “mastering” flight. Just sayin.


These do seem like pretty subjective ‘tips’?

It Depends. What kind do you own?

Extreme 3D Pro

Can You send me a pictrue?

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