Tips for a perfect landing

I would love some tips on how to make a nice landing with any plane.

Im sure there is a tutorial for that somewhere. Check IF’s Youtube page, you might find something

Use AutoLand

On thanks!

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Hah, I’ve tried and its not smooth


On the 787, it is Smooooth as Cream

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Hey, there are many Tutorials out there that cover different parts of landing. Check #tutorials to find them. ;)

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No worries :)

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  1. Don’t descend rapidly— On final approach, your VS should be at –400- –1000 FPM

  2. Get the speed just right— If you go too fast you’ll crash, run off the edge of the runway, or otherwise have a very bad day. If you go too slow you’ll stall or SLAM onto the runway.


All the tips here will help you only if you practice, A LOT. Practice makes perfect!! Do a lot of landings to get comfortable, use the short final option in solo mode if you have to.


you never use auto pilot during landings

There are many tutorials out there buddy but with out practice you wont do it so PRACTICE 😉

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Always remember to flare at 30ft.

  1. Flare at the start of the rectangles
  2. Have a sufficient speed (The average between rotation speed and stall speed
  3. Your VS should be under -500FPM (exact VS is different on each plane)
  4. Only activate Reverse and Brakes after nose wheel touches down.


When on final go in the bottom camera mode also use the auto pilot heading so set It on the ils of the runway turn off the hight tho

Nope- I always find auto-landings to be bumpy and hard.

Actually, with a good weight setting, they can be super soft. My softest landings were by APPR

Thats because you need to set the speed just right

practice, practice, practice ;)

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  1. Make sure you are going the correct speed- too fast and you could go off the runway, too slow and you will stall.
  2. Make sure you flare just before touchdown to slow the rate of descent and to ensure you touchdown on the main landing gear.