Tips for a newbie

Hello guys, i Just joined the community and i really need some tips from people that already know How to manage the functions and How to use It. I really want to learn, and maybe make some friends here to talk about aviation and maybe make some group flights. Ty for ALL Help! Here’s a B737-8EH from my favorite airline! Cya 🇧🇷!


Hello and welcome!
I recommend the #ground-school topics on the forum and Infinite Flight has excellent tutorials on their youtube channel linked below


Hey there welcome to community! In addition to #ground-school and Infinite flights Youtube, you can also check out flying guide down below :)

Hope to see you in the skies soon!


Also I recommend reading the #live:groupflights topic guidelines and creating a fun event for the community


Welcome to the community! A great resource to utilize along with the others mentioned is a site I run, the IFATC Education Group.


Welcome to the community!

I’d highly recommend going through the forum guide and regulations here, to get a basic understanding of the way this community works, and how to do things on here:

Looking forward to seeing more of you on here! Blue skies and tailwinds to you!


Welcome to the community! If you ever want to create a flight plan the website I recommend is:

It’s a great tool for any aircraft that’s in the game and it calculates all the weights and fuel you need among other things!
Happy flighting :D


Hello Man, tysm for the tip! I Will take a look at that, tysm!

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Ty for the tip! Ill be hopping on yt to watch IF’s Chanel! I really apreciate It!

Oohhh Thats really Nice! I have some trouble to plan my flights, this surely Will help! Ty! 😜

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Pitch control for your angle of attack and throttle to follow the glideslope. Not the other way around!!

Welcome on the community :)

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No problem!


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