Tips for a long flight (in real life)

I want to know some tips for the long flight trip which is like taking a plane over 10 hours.
I’ve never had that yet but I’m curious.


The longest flights I’ve been on were only 4 and a half to 6 hours long (EWR-SFO, SFO-KOA, KOA - SFO, SFO-EWR)


it can be very very dry and trying to sleep on a transcon red eye is not easy when your mouth is drier than the Sahara


Maybe a bad advise, but SLEEP and drink water… Flew from Amsterdam to Seoul (approx 10.5h) but only slept 4 hours due constant turbulence, but I drank lots of water hahah

I think the author is talking about real flying, and not flying on IF… hahaha


I 100% agree with @NoahM water will help, I also find that getting up and walking around helps to stretch as sitting for long periods of time is very bad for you


I flew from Mexico City to Paris (14h) and I tried to stay as long as possible awake the night before (slept the night before 4h) and then it was easy to sleep. Only problem my flight was at 23:00 and had then a delay of 4h so 3a.m and then it’s hard to stay awake until then😂


I flew London to Singapore and London to Dubai like 2 times each it’s not that bad I suggest get some good movies and watch them Aswell as eat as much as you can and drink a normal amount of liquid as you don’t want to be getting up and down


always make sure you move about and stretch your legs, I had to learn that the hard way when I went from EGLL-ZSPD only getting up once and my legs hurt for almost two days. Also do something that will keep you entertained, watch a few movies, read something, maybe look out of the window for a bit. I quite enjoy playing x plane mobile during the flight. And also, as said above, drink lots of water as it’s very easy to de-hydrate in a plane


I disagree with the lots of water thing I didn’t get that thirsty I just drank my average amount and I flew the a380 for reference and I was fine I suggest you normal amount of water

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Thanks for your nice information. What kind of food did you have??

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What ever you fancy


Due to the air pressure and the way the air is recycled in the cabin, it is easier to become more dehydrated. Maybe you didn’t, but either way I think we can agree that it’s at least more important to stay hydrated


I would recommend to have lots of liquids and eat some of the food you will need it! Also don’t watch so many movies you’ll get a headache and you don’t want that.

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First tip is water, water, and more water

I try to also have my sleep schedule on the plane set according to the destination time zone.

If you have something like Netflix, download some movies so you can watch them without wifi. Most of the time, you can buy a cheap pair of headphones at the airport. Drink a lot of water and bring some snacks. Other from that just stare out the window and whatnot.

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I’ve done several long trips, recently in May from the US to Myanmar. Get an aisle seat and prepare to talk to people make friends. I made friends with the flight attendants and had a fantastic time. I’ll be starting travel again for my new work flying from the US to Europe direct soon. When I start this I’ll share
My tips I did on my adventures!

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I’ve really never been on a long haul flight, the longest being 4.5 hours. However, I have picked up some tips.

  1. Stay hydrated (This is very important on long flights)
  2. Bring your on form of entertainment (Just in case they don’t have their own TV screens or you don’t want to pay for it)
  3. Wear comfy clothes (Getting some sleep would be nice)
  4. Be a good traveler (don’t complain about flights being too long. If there are delays, don’t be the one yelling at everyone)
  5. Make sure you have a charger for your phone/computer (If you want to play games or compose work emails)

I am one of those people that just can’t fall asleep on a plane. Most of the time I just stay up the whole flight. On some airlines, the whole flight wifi pass is not that expensive so I can do quite some stuff on the way.
Just remember to get a cup of coffee before landing so you are not super tired when passing customs.


Chapstick and water will be your best friend.


I’ve been on some ULH’s. Take walks, eat snacks, bring chapstick, ideally some noise cancelling headphones or earbuds, and stretch your legs. Eat well. And oh yeah,


i have trouble sleeping on planes I’m way too excited


Probably going to need more context.

What airline are you flying on? What class? What aircraft?

All of these can significantly factor into your experience and how you can prepare for a long-haul flight.

Obviously, if you’re seated in a premium cabin that usually has lie-flat seats and direct-aisle access, you’ll likely have a good experience of surviving this long flight.

Premium Economy is just in between the regular economy experience and first/business. You’ll have more comfortable seats with greater space.

Economy on the other hand, as people have been saying, is to maximize the ways to get the flight done. Staying hydrated, having entertained, etc.

Depending on the airline, they may or may not have hours of entertainment loaded in a seat-back IFE. If they don’t, then you should really bring a device with content pre-downloaded.

And as always, do not sit down for the entire flight. I made this mistake on my Tokyo to San Francisco flight in Economy four months ago. I was seated in the window seat the entire 10 hours because I didn’t feel like asking my seat neighbors to let me walk around.