Tips for a good thread!

This is just a place where to put things that can help people make a thread like alignment, how to add a photo, how to add a link etc. add everything you know below. If their is a thread like this, it’s either closed or old

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Reading the guidelines and category information is enough.

Example below:


Link: Use the hyperspace button which is located by the italic and block quote button.
Adding a photo: Hit the arrow at the top of the screen, and then select the file you want.


I suggest asking a mod to make this a wiki so Regulars can contribute to this thread. 😉

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Those are the guidlines, these are tips. There is a difference. As an anology:

Guidlines: Your allowed to climb that fence.

This thread: Here’s a way you can climb that fence.


My best tip is to make drop down menus for gates and other information. This is to organize your thread and to decluder.

My other good tip is to use bold for Titles and subtitles.

New person reading this, this is a perfect example of what your not supposed to do when someone creates a topic. Don’t be a mod, just flag the topic. PM if you want to continue.


Here are some tips for a good thread:

  1. Don’t put too much unnecessary information
  3. Try and use dividers to separate different types of information
  4. Make sure pictures are not too big/small/disproportionate

In the end, it all takes some skill and practice to master the art of thread crafting.

Is this only about the infrastructure and not about content?

There are meta posts to cover most things already. A big thread wouldn’t be useful as most of the information would be lost amongst riff raff


We are working to clean up the more infromational threads so expect to see more updates in the future.

How to post is different from tips for a good thread. Tables, formatting, etc is covered in a number of places.

  • Search before posting to avoid duplicates
  • Don’t necropost (Reviviing an old thred with no useful information)
  • Avoid posting useless topics. “whats your favorite seat, etc” is not really what this forum is for.
  • Inquiring about when or what is included with an update that hasnt been announced yet is purely speculation and will be closed.
  • Like posts instead of replying with “I agree and like this”
  • Do not use fillers. Putting (filler) or … will result in your post being deleted.
  • Read the “about this category” post to know what you should and shouldnt post.
  • Be nice to others
  • Put actual text in your post. Dot not just put a link or image with no text. Explain why you are posting it encouraging others to have a dialog.
  • Discuss things in a PM, do not turn the forum into your personal chat room.