Tips and tricks?

Tonight i’ll be flying the EWR to SIN route for the 1st time. Does anyone have any tips? Like time to take off anything like that?


I would take off sometime around now or in the next 1-3 hours if you plan to wake up and land in the morning, but otherwise, just cut down on pax and cargo, and make sure you have plenty of fuel. Good luck on your endeavor and maybe get some pictures for the screenshots and videos section!

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Are you in the EDT time zone?

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step climb, pack a ton of fuel, and dont get worried if the ete to dest says you wont make it, you will

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I’m CDT. But still, the next 1-2 hours would be a good time to takeoff.


If you pack full fuel, you will have more than enough fuel to make it. The thing you should be worrying about is whether or not your game will crash. I suggest restarting your device right before the flight.

I’m pretty sure the iPhone XR is compatible.

People with iPad Pros report crashes so I would do it just to be safe. I’m not forcing you to, it’s just a suggestion.

It’s compatible and capable of doing such a flight, but make sure you plug it in and turn low power mode in your settings. No device is safe from a crash!

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You may also want to take the advice of your previous topic on the matter.


Lessen up your pax/cargo load. The real flight normally takes 100-200 passengers, which is a fraction of the 350’s full load. The rest of the weight goes into a high, almost full load of fuel.

As mentioned, no device is safe from an app crash. I’m on a pretty high end device, but I still reboot, even for a quick 45 minute flight.

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You’ll probably want to pack 20 hours of fuel, and only around 150 passengers. You can fill up the rest of the MTOW with cargo if you so choose. Fly at M 0.85. For some reason the A350 gets the best fuel economy at FL340 at every single load factor, but if you want to stepclimb for realism sake, it will not hurt that much.

Your device will be fine, just make sure you restart and clear RAM before. Also fly on the tail camera pointed at the sky - this will prevent scenery from loading and extend the life of your device at least four-fold (from what I’ve seen with my 6S).

One question. How do i clear RAM?

Just looked it up, it’s a bit weird on an XR, you have to like turn on assistive touch, hold down the power button until the shutdown screen comes up, then hold the home button icon in the assistive touch menu.

Honestly, for you it may just be better to do a restart of your phone and go, because I feel like activating and deactivating assistive touch will just eat more RAM than just straight up opening whatever app you keep your flightplans in.

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