Tip to consume little fuel

Hello, give me tips for consuming little fuel on a cruise flight.

Use trim and step-climbing to minimise fuel burn.


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I advise you step climb, use appropriate trim levels, and fly at aircrafts’ recommended cruise speeds/altitudes.

The tutorials below should help, in the tips’ respective order.



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Trim doesn’t have any effect on your fuel burn/range.


For me, it has. Especially when you’re heavy, elevator trim can reduce the fuel burn.

All those applies to every plane. You can first check your estimated fuel burn at your weight and balance. Try not to let your fuel burn get above that number. As you ascend, your fuel flow will drop since you have less air. Airliners’ FADEC does that for you. Once you reach your cruise speed and altitude, record your current throttle setting if the fuel flow doesn’t exceed the estimated fuel burn that is shown on the weight and balance. After some testing, you will observe that after exceed certain throttle setting, your fuel flow will soar, so keep the throttle below that threshold. Why? Because most turbines only produces 70% of it’s rated thrust when you are at 90% N1. Generally, your specific impulse (Isp) are the same (does drop slightly as you throttle down due to loss of pressure thrust, but airliners only has subsonic flow, so it’s negligible) So high thrust means soaring fuel flow.
For example, GE90-115B’s estimated fuel burn is 7080kG/H. I quickly climb to FL280 and step climb slowly. I observe the fuel flow drop as I ascend. My efficiency peaks out at FL370 (11278M) at 4450kG/H. I will start burning more fuel as I climb or exceed 70% on my throttle. So after test flights, I know I can choose my cruise altitude based on my throttle settings. If it’s too high or my fuel flow increases, I go down. If it’s 5% less than the test result, I climb.
Let me know if you have more questions. Check your staging and maintain safety for everyday flights.


It’s easy to see what you want/expect to see. In IF it has no effect on your performance. After the aircraft settles down, it will have the exact same fuel burn.


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