Tip of the day/tips menu to show people how to respond to ATC commands

After using the ATC mode for a fair amount of time, I’ve noticed that some pilots get confused when you give them certain commands such as “line up and wait”. To solve this, you could add a tip of the day. Or maybe possibly you could also add a help page at the top of the main menu like these posts suggest:

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After using the ATC mode for a fair amount of time. I have noticed that many pilots mistake “line up and wait” with “hold short of runway”. I think that there should be another misc. message that says something along the lines of “You were told to line up and wait on the runway.” or "You were told to hold short of runway " because I do find it annoying when I have to just give them takeoff permission when I’m controlling a busy airport.

Yeap, good idea. I have asked pilots to hold short and they went into the runway to line up and wait and vice versa.

I know what you mean, but in my opinion “Line up and wait” is pretty easy to understand, so pilots who doesn’t follow this or other instructions must be ghosted by ATC or reported by other pilots which notice the fault.


I think the current system is about as clear as it’s going to be. We need to educate the community on the terms.


I think the ATC commands in current IF is what the ATC Phraseology in real life…so its the duty of pilots to learn and understand each phraseology…there are various topics and threads in IF Forum and community pages describing the ATC Stuffs

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@danman & @Stephen_Benny : I understand what you’re trying to say. Do you think instead there should be a “help guide” in the top bar on the main menu that tells you how to respond to ATC controls because it seems as if the majority (not all) of pilots in the ATC Playground on IF aren’t bothered to check the internet.
I appreciate your reply. :)


Maybe an info guide button can be press on the pilot screen when the ATC gives command to the pilot. That means if the pilot is unsure of the command, he can press on this Info button and a picture will pop up and show where he should park to line up and wait.


Definitely, there needs to be a way to educate the pilots. If they have the internet for live, I am sure they have the internet to look up some terms. But then, you can’t cure apathy in some people, so there is that. There really isn’t an idiot proof system around. Putting something on the load screen might be a good idea.

@philippe A “tip of the day” placed on the loading screen will help immensely in my opinion.


I like the idea of a “help” device regarding the ATC commands. When I first started using ATC live it was a steep learning curve, though got the hang of it fairly quickly! Agree that some people don’t seem to be bothered to do a little research!

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Yes I’ve just started learning and it’s a steep curve for sure. A glossary of terms somewhere would be great, but this community is also a fabulous resource.

I wonder if the playground could have more “educational” options than the main server for that purpose.

The bottom line is we all have to learn and in the plaground we should expect errors in both pilots and controllers. If I ever dare to enter the main server, I would expect to be ghosted for simple pilot errors related to not understanding the instructions, and would expect to ghost if I was ATC too.



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Tips were added to the loading screen with update 18.6