Tip for making the game more intriguing

Try turning off “Airplane dots” and “airplane names” in general settings, it’s makes it a lot like actual flying, and especially while night flying you can really enjoy the lights from other aircraft.

I haven’t tried this on expert server though, so do that at your own discretion. It’s kind of a gamble and you loose situational awareness and risk violations.


Yes!, also removing the airport names and final approach red squares makes it very realistic.


Awe man, I did this a long time ago (no disrespect) It definitely adds realism to the game!!

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nice! and also it does reduce lag!

I’m not sure, I honestly don’t think it would make a difference though. Removing labels from your screen wouldn’t take away from your device having to process like 30 to 40 aircraft all on the same live server at the same place on a little mobile device. Let me know if you try it and does in fact reduce lag though.

Yeah, I’m sure I’m not the first nor the only. Not exactly the most creative idea (:

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Yes it changes the experience for better!

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I just keep them on. I’ve gotten enough violations to keep me from joining IFATC

Stupid auto correct

i mean i usually turn both off when i enter a busy airspace or just a busy airport so i wont lag during landing or taking off or just taxing i do keep my airplane at medium, i have the iphone SE(2020) but i just dont want lag

Oops I was on the wrong account lol. But as I was saying, I like to turn dots off, but not names since you can’t see the person’s speed, altitude, and distance away. But it definitely adds some realism!

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I only turn them off when making videos–it makes the video more realistic!
I keep them on in flight to coordinate groupflight spacing and avoid sep bust.

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It was creative enough and very kind of you to share it with people who may not have known 😉


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