Tioman Island


-Please follow ATC instructions. I am not responsible for any violations
-Please no interference/things that are not allowed during the event
-Please follow the event leader so that can provide uniformity during the flight

-Please copy FPL/Flight Plan by Event leader or Organizer.
-Your gate assignment will be given after signing up for the event.

Event: We have 3D airport there and Tioman Island as the beautiful island in Malaysia

Dear IF pilots,
Hope you have a good day! We will fly to Tioman Island this DECEMBER. Hope you are feel free to join! We have main 10 pilots have signed up for now. This will be even louder if all of you join us. This flight may be involved with weather factors during the monsoon season in the 12th month where there is heavy rain and strong winds. As the organizer, i hope all pilots can give full cooperation. Any questions can be asked in the comment section. Thank You!

Pilot member,

Server: Training Server

Airport: Subang Airport (SZB/WMSA) - Tioman Airport (TOD/WMBT)

Time: 09:00p.m/1300z
Spawn time: 8:45p.m/12:45z
Departure time: 09:00p.m/1300z
Arrival time: 10:00p.m/1400z




Destination : Subang Airport (WMSA) - Tioman Airport (WMBT)

Estimated Time : (Please spawn before 09:00p.m/1300zulu)
Takeoff runway : 33
Landing runway : 20
Separation (Nm) : 5-10 Nm
Altitude (ft) : 11,000ft
Speed (kts) : Follow aircraft ahead
Fuel endurance (kg) : 02:00/330kg
Cargo (kg) : 701kg



•One by one pushback/taxi/takeoff/landing
•Please copy FPL/Flight Plan from event leader @AKU_SHARKING_GAMING

Gate Assignments
Gate X- @AKU_SHARKING_GAMING ⁩[EventLeader]
Gate 30- @IFMYS.HinoTiwari
Gate 31- @Muammar_Harith
Gate 32- @IFMYS-infiniteview
Gate 33- @Capt_Mohd (if be able)
Gate 34- @PHMEL
Gate 35- @Butter575 (Hye👋)
Gate 36- @Yukiros_31
Gate 37- @vincent
Gate 38- @Hilmi_56x (if available)

Bravo 1- @IFMYS-NuiiYuii [Photographer/videographer]
Bravo 2- @IFMYSShOcK [Escort/EliteSquad/Radartrack)
Bravo 3- @IFMYS-CaptFakrulFswo [Organizer/Photographer/Videographer]

Inviting (not enough gate there, but if you wanna join i can assign gate for you, it can be considered @Scott_Miller @Chris4435 (ATC?) @pom @bbb_aviation @Nemesis1


•Please follow ATC instructions. I am not responsible for any violations.
•Please keep separation 5-10Nm before takeoff/flying/approaching.
•Please no interference/things that are not allowed.
•Please follow the event leader so that it can provide uniformity during the flight.

Happy flying !!!

Hello, I’m not sure why I have been added considering I didn’t select the “going” option. I won’t be able to attend this event unfortunately

Nevermind, it’s just preliminary preparation to ensure attendance.

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Oh ok, got it.

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I can’t do it I’m in school at this moment

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It’s okay! Later

Hi, unfortunately I am unable to join today.

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Sure, its okay! Tq for mark

No fighterjets I hope …

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We have 3 fighterjet…but dont worry all will follow instructions…fighterjet we will park another gate there…i mean at Air Force Base.

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