Tiny airports as hubs

For clarity, not EVERYONE. I flew a Frontier A321 from SFO to Tahiti.


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Without proper C&D this is a bad idea because long hauls choke the schedule. With proper C&D slots this is still a bad idea because we lose the flexibility of doing VFR flights at any time we wish.


Good on you! And yeah I’m aware it wasn’t everyone. But the majority were and that’s what leads to problems that are self inflicted.

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There WAS no hub today; that was the point. Today was supposed to be a GA day, where there’s a lot of point-to-point flying, rather than hub-and-spoke flying. I don’t see anything wrong with ATC today. This could have been an exceptional day to fly if people weren’t allergic to general aviation.

Please diversify a little bit, people! Tyler said himself:

Tyler put in his work. These past two schedules were awesome! But if yall are so insistent on flying heavies, they’ll only schedule the big airports that can handle them. Then we’ll lose that diversity.


Honestly using smaller airports for GA day is better. But then the smaest airports are purple lol


I 100% agree with you there. Not everyone has to fly to a specific place just because everyone else will be there. People should fly to different places and I also recommend avoiding the ATC traffic areas and airports.

This topic is 3 months old…


Why are we still here discussing? Move on people.

Why can’t we?


Not every event will based off of flying Heavies all over the country. GA needs some spotlight!!


And with that everyone move on.