Tiny airports as hubs

I’m not surprised to be honest. These GAs can’t last long and people like to fly jets. Can’t blame them though.


There was also no defined HUB for today’s schedule. How NTAA turned into a hub is anyone’s guess. It’s unfortunate how there’s the spacing problems on the ground and holds on your approach, but NTAA was most definitely NOT supposed be a hub. The controller’s have the most efficient plan possible, which is not as efficient as many other airports due to the small apron/gate area and the need to back taxi at NTAA, but they did not go into this blind.

Now, remember about the thread about the ATC schedule lacking variety? Well, Tyler gave it more variety!


I think that based on the airport, there needs to be these “inbound limits”.

Similar to gate restrictions, you may not start a flight to an airport that has over that particular airport’s inbound limit. It should be violation enforced if you try to fly to those airports. This can help avoid some clutter, unnecessarily reporting “airport is not accepting due to heavy traffic” and will also aid in varying up people’s destinations.

Airports like KLAX, EGLL, or VHHH can have larger inbound limits, while smaller airports like NTAA or LSGG can have smaller ones.

That is not entirely true.
There are some airports with IFATC active that you won’t need to face so much delay, is just about everybody going in the HUB, if you go to an airport with IFATC active and less inbound you can have a pretty good experience with IFATC without needing to deal with such a delay


I agree it’s why I also completely stopped flying to hubs! I find absolutely no enjoyment when you have to fly around a controlled airport longer than your actual flight.

Not only why I don’t understand why people choose to fly heavies in extremely unrealistic routes but why does everyone fly to Tahiti when just because everyone else does. Why not fly to it when it’s actually not featured? Just because a place is unpopular doesn’t mean it has to be neglected (just like South America, Africa, central Asia and Russia) I feel like too many people are allergic to flying somewhere different and new!

The problem simply would be solved if not everyone would choose to fly where everyone else does.


I rest my case!

I simply avoid IFATC airports because of the lack of realism and unsatisfactory service being provided. Absolutely hate being late, especially when IFATC is to blame!

I understand it’s not IFATCs fault completely, but to me, I value realism over a simulated experience!



Completely agree with this, Tahiti has more inbounds currently than all other airports in the schedule combined, and there are plenty of lovely airports with ATC coverage for you to try out. It happens all the time that people all choose to fly to the hub (even today when Tahiti wasn’t designated as a hub) then complain when it’s busy, while there are 5 or 6 other staffed airports with little to no traffic which would still provide for a fun flight.


I mean it’s not by force to fly featured airports. Getting worked up over what airports are featured on infinite flight really isn’t that much of a deal it’s just a bonus to the sim


Technically, we already have “inbound limits” approach can hold them at a specific waypoint to limit amount inbound, or use the command “airport is full”


General Aviation was requested many times and you got general aviation. You aren’t forced to fly into IFATC airports, ATC work so hard to try and make your flight as quick as possible. No one expected Tahiti to be busy nor did anyone expect most people to be flying heavies! It’s not ATCs responsibility to plan and check every single flight plan incase of a delay. There is always going to be possible delays at a controlled airport.

If you don’t like busy or waiting go somewhere else!


I’ve seen worse, @MilkTea was circling for more than 2.5 hours.

Listen, we try our best to get everyone down to the ground as fast as possible but if that means having two aircraft landing at one time, we aren’t going to allow it. Just wait patiently and you will get to your destination. Bashing controllers is a good way to get on their bad side. You can fly anywhere and if you really want to fly to into a small airport that’s busy you are going to wait.

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Yes, thank you. It isn’t easy controlling a small airport, which is not designed for heavy traffic at all.

For everyone here now: I am trying to work something out and approach is holding you because we need to get the departures out of the airport, they’ve been waiting for 30+ minutes, some up to an hour. Do be patient as i sort things out here with the ground controller :)

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Yeah if anyone wants to do a flight with little delays just go from New Zealand to Wellington

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It would be nice to know that the airport is closed before you do the entire flight though. I’d be fine with the airport being full and then flying elsewhere, it is just incredibly annoying to do an entire flight then be told you can’t enter the airspace.

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Indeed, but it’s very unpredictable.

ik that the theme was and is GA, but I like to follow ATC along as realistically as possible; this meaning that I would fly NZAA-NTAA-RJAA today. But traffic was just like, nyet. I had to divert to the Cook Islands. And now here I am, holding position at Gate 0 of Papeete Intl for what, over an hour now?

I cant be bothered reading the thread.

In short:

Why not fly to Wellington? The anticipated primary airport of today.

In fact, why not fly somewhere else? This unhealthy obsession with flying to the busiest airport of the day that people have actually only makes it worse.

I dont think poor Tyler anticipated every man and his prop (or 777) descending on Tahiti today when he listed it on the GA day.


if your going to complain just fly to another ATC airport and not fly to NTAA. it’s busy so expect delays, Long Approaches, holding patterns etc. if you don’t have that Patients it’s way more easier to just fly to a different airport with ATC than to complain about it if you don’t want all the diverting and long approaches go to a different airport. 🤷🏼‍♂️