Tiny airports as hubs

Once again, a tiny tiny airport has been used for a hub airport for today’s ATC schedule. Tahiti is a tiny airport and has caused around 25 planes in the last 20 mins to divert, mainly to Bora Bora.
It didn’t work in Geneva, which is bigger, so why would it work here?

Anyone else have any opinions?


Today, GA is featured, yet everyone flies heavies. You guys wanted the variety, Tyler lived up to the promise, and once again, we are complaining. Jeez. If you don’t want the hustle and bustle, fly elsewhere. Plenty more airports in Hawaii and New Zealand are open. The controllers are working to the maximum extent possible. But it starts with one person at a time. Do your part to avoid the hub airport, and today, we can succeed and make progress! Complaining does nothing, it’s the action that counts!

  1. NTAA is way smaller then Geneva
  2. NTAA doesn’t handle the same amount of aircraft in a day (in real life), what IF is experiencing right now
  3. At NTAA you have to Back-Taxi to get to the gates, which means more spacing, which equals more delays.

Why was ATC diverting aircraft which are 787’s and A350s and 777’s into Bora Bora when it is far too small to realistically handle it?

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Let me ask you this, is 100+ inbounds realistic into an airport of Tahiti’s size? Is it really? Heck, they get a less number of inbounds in a whole week in the real world. The airport cannot handle the traffic, especially since today is GA Day and everyone thinks that it is cute to fly their giant 787s, 777s, and A350s.


Just fly to other places than the hub, problem solved!
I heard NZQN has a beautiful approach 😜


I phrased that incorrectly. What I meant to say, was why were they diverting heavies into an airport not designed for them?


This is where pilots need to plan accordingly. Those 787s etc would have easily diverted to NCRG as a suitable alternate.

Just load 3h+ extra fuel when heading to an extremely packed airport and use simbrief.com to input your alternate ;)


To be honest if you have to divert, there no realistic airport around, you would have to land somewhere 1-2hrs from NTAA.


Why are they even flying heavies in the first place? Today is GA Day for goodness sake.


Because people wanna fly IRL routes with airlines which are less used


GA is just a suggestion, but with the current amount of aircraft in the area, don’t complain if your going to experience delays or even getting diverted.


No one has to fly to the hub. Trackers exist also to see if it is too busy, no?


What else can you expect really. Tahiti airport is really small an can only accommodate about 5 heavy aircraft. We were supposed to be flying C172s and TBMs but everyone insisted on flying 787s and 777s. I think the IFC has been needing some variety lately… so now that its come why is everyone complaining?


If you don’t want any delays, feel free to try out NZWN to NZQN this route has some of the best scenery I’ve seen. I am actually surprised NTAA has the most inbounds today compared to NZWN.


Adding onto @Thunderbolt, it’s the pilots responsibility to fly an appropriate aircraft to an airport. If you see 50 heavies trying to land at Tahiti, maybe decide this isn’t the day to head into Tahiti. Getting access to an IFATC controlled airport isn’t exactly a right in the instance of heavy traffic.

No one expected Tahiti to be the main airport today - and the featured theme was General Aviation, however we had a bunch of heavies. I myself expected the airports in New Zealand to be the most crowded, but instead it was Tahiti, which simply isn’t build for aircraft landing every few minutes.

We IFATC are working hard behind the scenes to ensure you land safely, so do bear with the long wait. A lot of coordination is required between the tower, ground, approach and center controller.
We are currently finding solutions for you guys.

If you really don’t want to wait, I highly suggest diverting. However, the nearest airport for heavies is over 600nm away.

If you’d like to fly here, patience is key.

I am not saying you can’t fly a heavy here, it is allowed yes, but please, try to fly a GA.

In real life, Tahiti only has aircraft landing every 1-2 hours. We have a aircraft landing every 1-2 minutes here however.

I am currently on ground and there is a lot of coordination required with the tower controller as there are many features about Tahiti that simply don’t work for heavy traffic like this.

For example, there is only 1 main taxiway (with 1 small one that heavies can’t fit Into) and if aircraft exit the runway while an aircraft is taxiing to the runway. It simply won’t work out. They will end up with a face off, and it will cause a lot of problems, or if you end up passing the exit, you’d have to back taxi. This causes the aircraft on final to perform a go around, as we have aircraft coming in every minute. This is why we are making use of functions such as gate hold or hold position, to reduce the amount of traffic going out at one time.

Tip: please follow ALL IFATC instructions,we are trying our best to get you down to the ground, or off the ground. If you’d faced any thing you didn’t like today, feel free to contact the controller in question :)

Thanks everyone for your patience today :)


100% agree. Last week was all about the big hubs that can accommodate hundreds of planes at a time, and it was a little bit chaotic. So I actually got a little excited when I saw that IFATC would focus on some GA airports. I think it’s a good opportunity for people to perfect their GA skills. Personally, I am not very good at flying the XCub or TBM, but why not give it a try? There were about 30 commercial aircraft for every 1 GA aircraft. It was a bit disappointing.


I like the hubs today so…


I understand this point. It is so frustrating having to go in circles for 1+ hours, then having to divert because some guy can’t back taxi fast enough.

I mean look at this ridiculous pattern. And I’m lucky because this isn’t even half as bad as what I’ve been seeing some users be put through:

This is why I avoid IFATC airports completely! I suggest you all do the same!