Tinted cockpit glass on the 787

I find the clear glass on the IF plane detracts from the look of the plane since irl they all have darkened glass. So it would be nice to have this added to update the look of the 787, along with adding some new liveries but that’s a separate matter.

@danielsun36 We only permit one photo for feature requests; however, I’ll permit the use for a second photo to better explain what it is you’re requesting. With that said, I will ask that you choose one of the IRL photos you included along with proper photo credits (source) to be included.

  • One IF photo
  • One IRL photo

I can see what you’re saying, but wouldn’t it be better suited to feature this for all aircraft?

In addition to the tint, I believe there’s gold film inlays in the cockpit windows for heating/defogging. The same as fighter jet canopies.

Edit: here’s a YT video showing the inlay.

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I’d love to have this as I find the clear annoying as well. I cant vote though.

I have deleted one of the photos anyway.

It’s not on all aircraft, or least not as dark as on the 787, so it’s more relevant for the 787, and the 787 has the gold tints on the side windows which will look so cool on the IF plane.

Yeah, but IRL this exists to all the planes. So why not have it for all?

Nope it doesn’t

Like the a380 and a330 the use blinds which you pull up

That’s… not even what we’re talking about.

Ik what you’re talking about that’s why I said that

The Airbus most of them don’t have gold inlays

The blinds on the A330 and A380 literally do not have anything to do with the tint of the glass on the 787.

The inlays provide a tint and are distinguishable

But its cool