Tinkering with Lightroom and Picsart!

Hello there, i have been missed posting my photos here and it’s time to do one again!

Before we start, here’s a quick summary:

Livery: Various
Server: Solo
Flight Time: No idea😂

Now, let’s head into the photos!

A fresh view above Mt.Rainier!

Orange Pride flying over the Swiss Alps!

A Z U L .

Typical Martinique Scenery!

Above the World: New York!

And that’s a wrap folks, let me know if you have suggestions or comments relating to the topic!


These photos are exquisite. I adore the first one. Props to you, my friend.

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these photos are absolutely stunning! How did you edit that moon to be so large?

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These photos are amazing! Some of the best that I’ve seen on this forum

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The moon is that big in real life. Its a common misconception that the moon is really far away, but it’s actually really close. The reality is that you can hop on a number 52 bus and be there in less than an hour.

The image is in no way edited or adjusted, and the moon definitely hasn’t been added in

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interesting. Whenever I try to get a good moonshot, my moon looks pretty small still. I guess its all about perspective.

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I would get two photos, the photo of the moon itself, and the photo of the aircraft + background visible, then i use Picsart to combine both of them, i have a video on how to do them but sadly i can’t share videos here :(

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Outstanding 👏👏👏

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Nice pics and nice edeting skills

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