TimShan05’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [PASSED PRACTICAL!]]

I decided to make this because I want to become IFATC, (as you can probably tell) I’ve read the ATC manual and watched most of the ATC tutorials so I decided to make this nice and early. Hopefully the end result will be IFATC, please try and leave feedback after you’ve come and when you do please be harsh and criticise me on the tiniest things I do wrong. I have also now applied for IFATC and awaiting the response from my recruiter

no trolls please


Now open at KAPA/Centennial airport

Feel free to stop by and fly some patterns!
runways in use are 35R, 35L
I’ll be open for around an hour

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I tried to do some touch and go’s.

But i’m bad at it


Where did you go?


I crashed… (stalled)

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I mean its basically the same as landing youre just not exiting the runway youre taking off again

KAPA ground and tower is now closed!

Thank you to everyone who came!

@KC3DLL Flybe E195 in the middle of the US?

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now open at LEBL-Barcelona El Prat

I won’t be able to reply because my phones broken at the moment
Started at 10:55Z

LEBL is now closed

Unfortunately no one came

Oh great, I was just about to come!

Sorry about that, I have to go somewhere
I’ll probably be open at around 2:00Z tomorrow

now open at LIBR-Brindisi

Runways in use are 31 and 5
Started at 15:00Z

LIBR is now closed

No one came in all of the 50 minutes

I’ll try to start coming when I can. I’m just busy with things that are taking up the majority of my time :/.

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Now open at ZSSS-Shanghai Hongqiao

Come by and fly some patterns!
Or just depart/arrive
It’s also (sort of) my home airport
Runways in use are 36L and 36R
Started at 12:35Z and I’ll be open for an hour, maybe slightly more

ZSSS is now closed

Haven’t opened in a long time
Open at YPAD-Adelaide
Feedback is appreciated as always
Also applied for IFATC just waiting for my recruiter to respond
Edit: now closed I don’t think anyone from IFC actually came

I haven’t been using this that much. I passed my written about a month ago, and my practical will be on Wednesday

Open @ RODN
Would appreciate some people coming down, thanks in advance!
05s are the runways in use
Edit: now closed

Open at RODN
Once again, would appreciate some people coming down
Practical is tomorrow
Runways in use are the 23s
Edit: closed

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This evening, I have just received the news that I passed my IFATC practical! It’s been an awesome journey for me and it’s definitely one of the biggest achievements I’ve done in IF. I could not believe what my eyes were seeing when I received the message that I passed. Thank you to everyone who helped me practice, but a special thanks to @Adam_Williams for being an amazing recruiter, and to @Matt for being an amazing trainer, providing me with invaluable feedback that helped me improve and helping me through the process, and thank you to Tyler who made all the tutorials and the manual. See you all in the control towers!


Well done, Tim! Can’t wait to tag with you soon!

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