Timsaviation's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

CLOSED @ N/A Come down for patterns and make sure to give me feedback
G’day everyone,
I have decided to open up a new tracking thread and finally commit to getting IFATC. I will hopefully be opening at least a couple times a week. Currently, I am not really sure how transitions work so if someone can explain that in the comments, that would be appreciated. Please give me honest feedback.


There is an infinite Flight tutorial video on transitions I’ll find the link for you.

See 4 mins for transitions

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alright Just checking your transitions all good now ill come and do some patterns

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thanks for doing that man, was it all good? still a little confused but gonna watch the video after


The best option is to watch @Tyler_Shelton ATC videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPK_42U0EhIfsC6cU503Zwda4ZcurnPSt

I will try to explain the best I can:

Here on Infinite Flight, tower airspace extends up to 5000ft AAL (Above Airfield Level), so if the airport is at 0ft MSL, the airspace would extend up to 5000ft MSL, but if the airport elevation is, for example, 200ft, you need to sum Airport elevation + 5000 = 5200

So right now imagine you are flying VFR in a Cessna 172, and you want to pass an airport overhead but without the intention to land, if you are inside the tower airspace, you should request transition, which is requesting the minimum altitude in which you could pass the airspace without the intention to land. Usually, transition is granted 1000ft above TPA (Traffic pattern altitude).

So with the same calculations, at an airport which is 0ft MSL, you need to sum Airport elevation + Traffic Pattern Altitude + 1000. So the transition will be granted at or above 2500ft. At an airport that is 200ft MSL the sum will be the same: 200 + TPA(1500ft AAL) + 1000 = which would be 2700ft

Hope this helps
Keep it up!


In this case, as transition is 2700ft and there is no option to clear at 2700ft in the ATC interface here in IF, I recommend to round to the higher number, (2700= 3000)

🤨 add an another zero to it.

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Ok i have found a few minor details and one large detail aswell as some Advice.

Advice: Next time try an airport such as KSMF as it has paralell runways and only people trying to help you improve will be there meaning less distractions from the people who just want to get in the air. YSSY is one of the busier airports on training sever and i felt like you were slightly overwhelmed by all the traffic and just focusing on getting them taken off rather than focus on your ATC skills like you would at a smaller airport.

A big Issue: takeoff was fine told me left traffic but you forgot to clear me for the option probably due to all the other aircraft you had to handle.

Small issues: you need to work on your management skills as i felt that A340 would of been able to takeoff as it was beginning takeoff roll and the Cessna Citation is much slower.
Bit quicker on response maybe, dont worry this will come with time and experience.

Otherwise I’ll try come next time your open, Thank you!

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Sorry typography error :)

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Hey @TimR , I’m the 359 VH-FPP, thank you for hosting the session.

  • Remember to give clearance after giving pattern instructions/sequencing aircrafts. After my transition, you gave me pattern entry instruction, but didnt give clearance afterwards, causing the go-around.

  • sequence/entry then give clearance immediately, these are parts should be together, it reduces your workload, dont make them.

  • Once aircraft turns downwind, sequence then clearance, don’t wait for them.

  • Over-controlling is also one issue, once you told the KLM to join downwind, he should be at downwind and at pattern altitude, however you called a 360 which is unnecessary, it is his responsibility to turn and complete the landing, all you have to do is sequence and give clearance.

  • Very last advice for you, start with parallel runway first rather than intersecting runways, walk before you run.

Hope it helps you.


Thanks man, just got a chance to look at this now. Explains it well.


Thanks, really appreciate the help. I’ll hopefully be opening up a bunch in this quarantine, so I’ll work on those tips next time. I think I did jump the gun by starting on intersecting runways. I see what I did with KLM, cheers.


Closed now! Thanks everyone for coming.

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Open now @ KSMF
I know many of you are probably taking advantage of the IFATC at home right now but if you can, come on down for patterns @ KSMF. Gonna be open for a while hopefully

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Closed now thanks to those who came out.
Gonna open again later when it is a little more active on the IFC

Open again @ KSMF
Please come down for patterns and make sure to give me some feedback. Cheers!!
should be open for around an hour depending on how many people show up

I’ll come in! Hopefully in about 30-40 minutes or so!

I’ll be running a TBM-930 down to KMCE as a run of a PC-12 run by Boutique Air.

Okay, should still be open. Just waiting for my first pilot to come in haha

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It’s very difficult today with so many airprots open, and no set place of arrival which we all fpfind hard, so I’m mainly flying General Aviation or short hops today.

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Yeah so many people are open on expert no one wants to come on training lol

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