Timing for flaps configuration..

Hi guys , just wanna know when do you guys start configing your flaps ? By attitude or speed ? And is there a standard procedure to do so ? Thanks.

Is there any plane in particular you are wondering about? :) There are flap limitations, usually you would extend as soon as possible when you’re below that speed.

I usually go by my gut’s instincts (no joke)


I normally put mine down once my nose starts to come up due to a low speed.

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I normal fly with a320 and 787 :)

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There are special speeds when you have to start with your flaps. It’s often at around 220kts and goes down to 170kts.
You can look them up in the internet.




Flaps (<250 KIAS) SET 1 DEG
Flaps (<230 KIAS) SET 5 DEG
Flaps (<215 KIAS) SET 15 DEG
Flaps (<200 KIAS) SET 25 DEG
Flaps (<180 KIAS) SET 35 DEG
Landing Gear (<2100 ft) DOWN

That’s all I have atm


I usually go by the flap limits. I deploy the flap just under the limit:

They have this in all cockpits in IF. This pic above is of the A320 family


I usually like to be at 180 knots when at 3000 feet from airfield elevation. This will allow me to do an almost 700fpm ILS approach. Then slowly get down to final landing speed.

Here are my flap speeds for the 737

230 flaps 5
210 flaps 10
200 flaps 15
180 flaps 25
170 flaps 30

You wrong. It would be nice, but they do not all have that.


Be careful, the placard in the cockpit shows the the flap extension limit speeds not a recommended flap extension schedule.


Yeah I know ;-)
I just use it as a very rough guide.

For general aviation it usually goes this way:

  • Flaps 1 during downwind leg.
  • Flaps 2/ or full on final.

On the C150 for exemple, we put flaps 10 on downwind, and 20 on final. You may use flaps 40 in some very specific cases but it’s quite uncommon as this flap setting is awful when you need to go-around.

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Take a gander at this topic for help. :)


MaxSez: @Strevetong… Been on board a month, welcome aboard Steve. Did you search the archive or tutorials Steve? Suggest you download the publication “The Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge” it’s free from faa.com. Really get stumped PM me after you review the handbook.

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I just use them when it feels right. A rule of thumb is Gear down and Flaps 2/15 degrees at 6nm out. But it all depends on my approach speed.
But I’m always at landing configuration 3nm out


I always apply my flaps at certain speeds. Example:


Flaps 1: 180KTS
Flaps 2: 165-160KTS
Flaps 3: 150 KTS
Flaps 4 (Full): 140KTS


very nice catch! I have seen this only s that Q400

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