timezone update during long haul.

This is one thing i’ve noticed lately that the local timezone stays the same of the location we took off from even if i’ve flown across continent. i mean time should travel faster for us if we go eastward and slower for west bound. does infinite flight support this feature as may be i might have mistaken in calculating time.

Yes, you will fly faster in Infinite Flight if you go eastbound, and slower if you go westbound. This is because of the Winds Aloft. Infinite Flight does have accurate Winds, you should be expecting to have similar flight time as the real life flight you’re trying to replicate.


i never talked about flight speed. what i said is passage of time itself. suppose we took off from kjfk at 10am. 7 hr flight to egll. we arrive at 5pm. but it should be 1pm in london. the movement of sun and other celestial bodies. acros timezone

The time zone does change! If you fly from Los Angeles to New York you will change from Pacific Time to Eastern time and all others in between!

Are you putting the game in current time? Or are you leaving it at Noon?

So if you flew from JFK to LHR do you have time set to “current time”

i put it on current time. and time just passed exactly as my flight time. no effect of different time zones.

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Yes, time will pass faster going eastbound as you will have a tailwind. As for the Celestial bodies, have you tried tapping “Current Time” in the Time settings?

This would change the farther you fly east

It changes automatically

@Chief305 I said it has nothing to do with tailwind. I know that stuff. what you are talking is the ground speed

i set that current time. but the point is its not updating automatically as you fly across longitudes. i’ve to set current time again. for it to update.

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Maybe you miscalculated! The time zone automatically switches if your time is set on “current time”

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Try restarting your device and clearing scenery cache in “General Settings” and try again :)


ohk will be doing a long haul again on 30th in kjfk event. to vidp. will try to record and work out. :)

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Sounds good, if none of that works try reinstalling the application. Good Luck!