Timezone poll

Hello IFC!

I am making this poll for people to refer to if they want to make an event. In order to maximise the prospects of their event, people might want to know times that work for people (or if they want to cater to a specific community) All you need to do is enter your timezone. I will assume that anyone is available from 07:30 to 2030.

What is your timezone?
  • GMT -11
  • GMT -10
  • GMT -9
  • GMT -8
  • GMT -7
  • GMT -6
  • GMT -5
  • GMT -4
  • GMT -3
  • GMT -2 (I’ll be surprised if people vote this one)
  • GMT -1
  • GMT
  • GMT +1
  • GMT +2
  • GMT +3
  • GMT +4
  • GMT +5
  • GMT +6
  • GMT +7
  • GMT +8

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What is your timezone (cont’d)
  • GMT +9
  • GMT +10
  • GMT +11
  • GMT +12
  • GMT +13
  • GMT +14

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There’s actually a Brazilian island called Fernando de Noronha that uses GMT -2 but I don’t think anyone who lives there plays IF. It’s literally the only inhabited place in the world that uses GMT -2


I’ve never understood GMT nor have I ever used it… Which one is the equivalent to EST?

GMT = Zulu

… and for more info click here.

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Mine is GMT 0000 (0).

Eastern Time would be equivalent to GMT -5.

An easy and quick way to calculate your Zulu time is to 1) Take the current time and convert to 24hrs 2) add/subtract your +/- hours accordingly. So, for instance, I live in MST, and the time right now is 09:30pm, so I change it into 24hr (21:30), and then because of Daylight Savings, I am currently seven hours behind GMT (-7), so I add on seven hours (+7) to get 04:30AM UTC (coordinated universal Time/ ZULU). It is simple to find a future local time in an event when it’s coordinated in ZULU. Let’s say there’s an event at 06:30 UTC/ZULU. Since you are five hours behind GMT (-5), you’d simply take the ZULU time (06:30), subtract five hours (01:30) and then, if needed, convert 24hr to 12hr.

Hope this helps!!

So would my Zulu time be +5 because I am in Chicago Time zone?

Chicago is within Central, which is currently -6

EDIT: For anyone interested in finding their UTC time/ other times in the world, may I suggest UTC - exact time now - Time.is

Ok so mine would be minus 6 this is confusing?

@PilotA320 right now it is 10:45 PM for you yes? Simply turn it to 24hr (22:45) then add 6 (04:45ZULU)

I know my time +5 hours is 0448Z right now Edit: yes it is 10:49 PM for me right now.

@PilotA320 Don’t forget about DST and that you move around +/- an hour

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So I would add it by +6 hours so my UTC would be +6?

Your difference will always be either UTC-6/-5 depending on the time of year. You will always be behind GMT in North/South American and once you pass Greenwich heading East, then the times turn to positives

You currently are UTC-6, so you must ADD +6 when converting TO ZULU and SUBTRACT -6 when converting FROM ZULU

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Ok thanks @Raze.

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Of course! Happy to help!

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I wonder why @alec chose GMT-2 🤔

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to make him surprised


wait which one is mountain time