Timezone not updating after landing at WSSS

The timezone doesn’t update from Jakarta to Singapore when it should be because they are two different countries…

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I just spawned and both places and checked so it was correct when tapping “Current time”, which it was.

During your flight, did you have it set to that or something different?

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I set it to current time and cleared scenery cache. I forgot to mention that I just landed at WSSS from RJTT a few minutes ago so it should be past 1am by then. However, the timezone was still saying “Asia Jarkata” and when I hit current time it’s 1 hour behind the real time.

This is not the first time I’m experiencing this issue. You should try flying in from a country that’s not near Indonesian airspace and then pass through airspace then land at WSSS, you’ll notice that the timezone won’t update itself even after landing at WSSS.



We’ll work on a repro and see what’s up. It should update automatically for sure. As you know, there are a few oddities with the API we use to retrieve timezones… but this should not be related.

What’s a repro and API?

Btw, there’s no issue if I spawn at WSSS. I only get it when I’m landing there and my FPL crosses Indonesian airspace.

Oh, sorry.
Repro = reproducing

API is very simplified the online source we use for mapping timezones across the world.


I have also had this issue when flying from VTSM, and it seems to be reproducible by just flying into WSSS from the Jakarta timezone. I’ve attached both a screenshot showing my location, the time IF though it was and the timezone it thought I was in. I have also attached the flight log from In-Flight Assistant for you :)


Also the time is not corrected until you restart the app; when exiting the flight, spawning somewhere else, then coming back to WSSS the timezone is still incorrect.


Thanks for the report, I will look into it.


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