Times your flight was diverted

Let’s see…

  • Flight to Philadelphia was delayed
  • Missed our connection
  • Bad weather cancelled all other flights that day
  • Ground Ops at PHL lost our bags (per usual)
  • Had to stay overnight with no clean clothes and a couple little toothbrushes given to us by the hotel
  • Got a flight the next day
  • Got our bags back
  • (This was back in the US Airways era, and yes, this is all one story)
    I’ve got two more stories but don’t want to share for the sake of your time…

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I was flying from Paris to Florence on holiday last year, Air France A319, the landing strip in Florence is very small, and inside a valley like space. This was the most times I have aborted landings, the pilot said their was a lot of tail winds, and went in 5 times to land, until we got diverted to Bologna. Yes, a first world problem, but it was a little ridiculous to be put on an Airbus roller coaster for 30 minutes!

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  • Took off from Gatwick
  • Approached The Isle of Man
  • Went around due to fog
  • Got sent into a holding pattern
  • Waited a bit
  • Approached again
  • Went around again
  • Flew to liverpool
  • Refuelled
  • Waited
  • Took off for the IOM
  • Went around again
  • Flew back to LGW

Over 5 hours


In 1994 we were flying on a school trip from Dallas to Ireland. We were originally going to stop at Heathrow but there were some mortar attacks going on at the airport. So we ended up diverting to I believe Gatwick, its been a while, not sure.


Once I got diverted from Kittilä to Ivalo.
The flight was Helsinki (EFHK) - Kittilä (EFKT) - Ivalo (EFIV).
We couldn’t land in Kittilä as the runway was too slippery so the A321 couldn’t stop in time. :(
My destination was Ivalo though, time onboard was an hour shorter than planned.

Never been diverted as far as I know. It’s wierd.
Never big delays, never diversions, I’m kinda lucky.


nope never had a diverted flight. been flying for 10+ years.

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Once with American from St. Louis when returning to Panama (2015). The plane has been trying to land in Miami in the middle of a heavy storm (twice). The plane was finally diverted to Fort Lauderdale.

Very lucky indeed…the only time I had a delayed flight was last year when traveling back to St. Louis and with American 🙄 The ground crew at Tocumen forgot to put oil in the right engine.

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I edited it. I was diverted to Brisbane

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Flying Edinburgh to East Midlands. East Midlands runway was closed due to maintenance work, was held in a hold over East Midlands, fuel emergency declared, diverted to Birmingham, refuelled and then went back to East Mids on the shortest flight ever! 5 mins!

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Anyway back on topic I’ve never had a diverted flight luckily!

Only once…about 10 years ago. Bought a Priceline ticket from IAH to Bogota, Colombia that ended up with connections Dallas and Atlanta using American and Delta. On the way back, Atlanta to DFW on a Delta DC9, we diverted to the south to avoid some storms over Dallas, ended up landing in Austin to take on more fuel before going to DFW. I had a connecting flight on American to Houston that I missed and ended up staying overnight before getting back to Houston in the morning. Last time i ever used Priceline to try to save money on a flight…that was horrible.

Wow, that must have been so annoying.

This has more responses than all the event topics I’ve posted in the last six months not including my responses combined.

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Thats so true dude! LOL

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I have told this story before, but KSEA-KDEN. Huge storm over KDEN, put into a hold for about and hour or so, low fuel and diverted to the Springs.

Earlier this week Tokyo-Narita had some real big winds, which was a major hassle. I was on DL0069 on Sunday (arriving Monday) from PDX-NRT, and the original departure time was 11:53. Due to winds, the flight was already delayed to 13:20. Upon attempting arrival, there were 42 knot crosswinds and we had to go around in NRT before diverting to Haneda. Stormy, shaky, and very unpleasant. Landing in Haneda, we taxied to a remote stand where due to pilot time-out, we had to sit at a remote for 2.5 hours, having the Delta agents return back to HND to take care of us after working the MSP and LAX flights. Eventually, we were let off the plane 3 hours after scheduled arrival time in the wrong airport. Because of all the diversions (I saw 2 NH 767s, a CZ 73H, and a UA 772 sitting with us) the customs line took an hour, and by the time I reached my hotel it was 2AM. Fantastic. Although it was worse for all the passengers who originally had connecting itineraries in NRT, because about 80% of the bags offloaded weren’t going to NRT and were continuing to TPE, SIN, SPN, CTS, PUS, BKK, MNL, etc. They all took flights the day after.