Times to catch ATC

Hello All! Just wondering what are good times to get ATC on ES? Because I am flying into the hub airport for the ATC Schedule and they’re not there. Thanks!

IFATC are volunteers so the hub won’t be open all day since we volunteer and have outside activities. The hub usually is a hotspot for controllers to control at so it should be open when a controller that is willing to control there has time.


exactly what @Asher said

Wait a few minutes, if it’s a larger hub, there should be a controller there soon.

There’s no set time for ATC. good times to find us are during peak hours and region changes 😊

In the meantime, might I suggest giving other featured airports some attention? I’m sure those controllers would be very happy to have you in their airspace, and it sure beats long taxi lines and massive approach patterns. ;)


Thank you all for the replies and thank you to the IFATC for your hard work!


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