Times controllers make you so mad!

I was landing at EGLL on the training server & was seconds from touchdown on runway 9L. But the tower told me to go around to 27L. But due to my speeed & configuration I stalled & crashed.


Fly on the Expert Server for a realistic experience.


Or use TS2

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What and have no ATC at all…

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This case is not unrealistic at all, if you don’t have anything that’s adding to the discussion don’t tell it. I suggest you check out crosswind landings and go arounds on youtube to see how they are performed.


Little advice little bud… If you are going around you can still get those main gears on the ground while stepping the flaps up.

Fly Expert Server then.

im grade 1

This wouldn’t happen on the Expert Server.

When some idiot cuts in front of you on final and the tower tells you (after being cleared number 1 to land), not the guy, to go around and clears the idiot to land…

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That’s because anyone can control on TS1, sometimes it’s an incapable guy. I know the feeling, nothing you can do about it though.

Fly on expert server

Instead of saying the usual “Go to expert”, lets find out some more details and make it educational.

You were on 9L. What were the other planes doing? Were other planes taking off and landing on 27? That could be why there was a go around? If you were following traffic, was there a plane on the runway in front of you? I am trying to see why there was a go around and then we can talk about the scenario.

Keep flying and you will grade up!


I’m still grade 2 (don’t judge)

Add full power, slowly pull up, gears up, flaps up one notch at a time… Shouldn’t stall on a go around, not your fault though. This is a learning experience for everyone. It is called the training server for a reason guys don’t judge.

Uh, try improving your technique? Full thrust, nose up slowly to 15 degrees, gear up once you have a positive rate, slowly bring up the flaps shouldn’t fall out of the sky just for attempting a GA.

How many NM separation did you have with the guy? Is it just a botched sequencing move from the ATC? Mistakes happen, take a deep breath and move on.


I was already in the flair when the GA was called.

Meh if it’s a dumb controller on the training server just ignore them and don’t follow there instructions.

I suggest you just go on the expert server.

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Remember it is a training server. Being ACT on training server is not as easy as some of you think. LHR you would have maybe 6 to 10 aircraft asking for diffrent things. When you have alot off orange calling cards flashing you at the same time you can get a bit overwhelmed. There are good and bad as you say but it was not until I tried controling that you see both sides. Richard

Well I have seen both sides. But the reason I don’t do it is beacuse I get morons who don’t obey orders