Timer on ATC interface

Hello IFC!

I am here today to request a timer on the ATC interface, so it would be possible to see how long you have been controlling for.

Why is this needed?
This would be especially helpful for IFATC such as myself, as we have minimum times we aim to control for.

Isn’t there already a clock?
Yes there is, but firstly, it is in the top right of the screen, quite hard to see, and secondly, it can be quite easy to lose track of time while controlling a busy airport.

How would it look like?
There could be a few possibilities as to how it could look, an example has been suggested by myself below. The timer would be placed at the bottom of the screen potentially, to not get in the way of the interface.

Thank you for considering.

I actually think this is a great idea. Now I’m not IFATC, but I do control often in the Training Server and I always wonder how long I controlled a certain airport. Great idea!


This is a great idea, but unfortunately I am out of votes.

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