Timer Going Off Freezes IF

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Device: iPad Pro

I always make sure all apps aside from IF and IFAssitant are open, but I occasionally have timers set, but the Clock app is “closed”. For the third to fourth time, my timer has gone off in-flight and it freezes the app instantly. After that, you have no choice, but to restart the app.

I have the most recent version and have reset and hard reset to no avail. Has anyone else found a solution aside from “just don’t use the timer”? Also, anyone else experience the same thing like those in the attached thread? Thank you, IFC!

I think this might be fixed in iOS 11…

So, you think it’s an issue with the OS and not the app?

No, because clock is a apple app and they just introduced multitasking, it may work like another app layer and not make your game freeze. I have iOS 11 and I am going to test it now.

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The public beta was releaased today, which I’m a part of (not sure if you’re a developer), but it still hasn’t come through to me yet.


so how did it go? everything correct as u stated ?

It failed. IF freezes. Still on iOS 11

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Okay, well, at least I now know it’s not just me at this point. Thanks for doing that.

Thanks for contacting support. Unfortunately this is unavoidable and must be resolved by Apple. We encourage staying in Infinite Flight, avoiding multi-tasking, and would appreciate you sharing any remedies to avoid the interruptions. I personally do not use timers or alarms of any kind on the device used to fly but understand everyone has their needs.

We apologize for any inconvenience.



maybe it’s something that we should notify apple about.

Yeah, probably we should.

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will you let apple know?

Maybe FDS can when Global comes out and they send the request to Apple for the update…

Ah, I understand. And just for context’s sake. What freezes the app is not me leaving, but simply the notification saying “Timer Done”.

No apologies necessary, as like you said, it is on Apple’s end! Thank you for the response!