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The Infinite flight community is one of the most diverse I have ever seen. This means that people are always getting confused between time zones. this causes people to miss events and not get the full infinite flight experience. What I am proposing is a countdown timer so you can see exsactly how long until the beginning of an event. Maybe something a bit like this:



this seems likes a very cool idea and has some good application, but even if this isn’t added, the people on the forum should learn to convert the given time zone which is usually zulu to their time zone because that can benefit them more in the end,

I kind of like this, though it would just be easier if people knew their time zones and we all communicate in zulu

I can’t stand zulu. I will search my time zone and by the time I find out an event is over. I miss so many events. So I want this.


The Event time is adjusted with your local time in Infinite Flight


This would help. Usually I say I can some but later I find out it’s at 3:00AM.

Are you sure it is?

That is very helpful too but if a group thing is going on and it’s not posted on #live:events I’ll miss it.

Yes it is.

It is, when you go to the main home screen it will show a list of events that are happening soon and it will say: 12:00PM 28th October e.g.

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Yes but to find details you need to go on the forum which doesn’t convert the time

You just have to tap on the event then it will direct you to the event page.

Why don’t you memorize your time zone?

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Timer integration. Sounds cool.

Thank you i think it would be very useful


Here you go.


Such ideas should be requested on the Meta Discourse. Someone could maybe create a plugin there.

Not gonna lie I have never heard of that place

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By the way this could be a nice idea for your VirtualFlight group ;)

Not really sure what ur on about