Timeline for future reworks

Hello everyone, so today I wanted to share a cool idea for not only us here in the forum but for the staff of IF. As we know the IF team is currently working on the A350 and as well as the B777 rework.
We also know that there is an aircraft production timeline for the new A350 coming up, so the thought came, should we also put Timelines for the rework of future Aircrafts.

Well it would be convenient for us users and it would be a cool extra feature for us to follow on.
Do you guys think it would be a good idea?
Or is it unnecessary?


Nope, I don’t think its a good idea to spoil the future aircrafts. I need a surprise for this one. The developers “should” be choosing the next one. 😉

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Well, the thread above indicates the beginning of the development timeline not the A350 development timeline.
I’m pretty sure that they will include other plans on that timeline.


Oh okay I guess I overlooked it, makes sense though.

I wanted to include this timeline too, but he is asking for the “future” developments. They do not have any plans of any other aircrafts at the moment, but… Jason is hinting us that they are experimenting on the 3D buildings or clouds, let’s just have this in mind.

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Yeah, I’m pretty sure that that is what the development timeline is going to be about

Once the developers have plans for a new feature, they will hint it at us and put it on the timeline


They show the X-Cub as well on IF development timeline

Yeah, that’s why I said that it was a development timeline not an A350 development timeline.


I know I was just agreeing that the development timeline is probably going to show more aircraft in the making

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