Hi all.
I am just wondering how to make a timelapse of a flight, but in a single view, without screen-recording the whole flight?
An example is this:


I thinks you use some editing apps or something

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that’s not his video
he’s trying to ask how to do time lapses and the video was an example

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Or maybe just record parts of the flight and speed it up… And Pocket Rishi uses PC to edit his videos… That could mean he records with PC storage so he has more capability to record footage


Ahaha thanks. Stupid me :)

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Anyways your question… I would suggest getting Adobe Premiere if you want a professional editing system that does cost money to run each moth but it’s totally worth it in the long run. Plus there are so many people giving tutorials on how to do this on YouTube. Here’s just an example below just to help you out:

The main question of the op is this I think. It’s getting the raw footage is the problem. Once you have that it’s easy to speed it up, but not everyone has enough space nor time to record hours of video. Is there a way to avoid that? I don’t think so, but I’d like to know too because I’d like to make timelapses of atc…

Well, I guess you should ask the man himself who made the video: @PocketRishi


Thanks to the @Vinne for the tag!

Unfortunately you will have to Screen record the whole flight (at least that’s what I did in that video). There is a way to record in increments. For example if you have a 10 hour flight then you can Screen record 5 hours in one go and then record the other 5 hours another time, but that takes some extra editing (maybe 10 mins) though it’s definitely a good option for very long flights

If you’re on Windows you could use movie maker to speed up the footage and then you can edit it in another editor as well if you want. Hope this helps and lemme know if you have any questions!

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is there no way to speed up the recording instead of leaving my phone recording a flight for 9 hours?


No, there is no way

Sadly there’s not. Maybe the best option is to record your 9 hour flight in three 3-hour increments and then bring it all together when editing.

I wish the devs add a fast forward feature to the replay mode


There was actually one in the old replay

Yep there was and I miss it! Wish they can add it to the new one too

I use Flow. It’s a nice time lapse video for IOS. You will have to record the video first as said above though

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