Hey everybody!

I was wondering if someone knows a app with you can speed up videos. I want to make a timelapse of my controlling session today. It was just calm, but then the update came out. ESSA exploded, and I even had to stop the session, because no-one was able to help me

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iMovie does the trick

All you need is a very long recording. Use a video editor like iMovie, shorten it via the time adjuster and boom.

I have Android haha

Hey there! While the question is appreciated, you’re always encouraged to start with Google or your own AppStore search. 🙂

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Already did, but can’t find any good one…

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Then a big part of the video would be gone, and it would be boring to watch

No. It’s not like that. I meant speed up the video using the time adjuster. It does shorten the video though.

Were could I find that on Android?

Adobe premiere rush



Thanks! I’ll try it out

Your welcome mate, I hope it helps.

Is it for PC?

No it’s for iOS, Android, Windows And macOS

Rip, my device isn’t comatible. I don’t know why, my phone is only 3 months old. Samsung galaxy A50. I will try it on my PC

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