Timelapse @ YSCB (Expert Server)

I’m doing a timelapse at YSCB. Please follow all ATC instructions, as well as commenting on your aicraft, livery, callsign and whether or not you are taking off or landing.

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How long will you be there? I just took off for YSCB

In 6 minutes for 25 minutes!

Awesome see you there

Wait! The information!

Thanks @CaptainDawud for the title edit!

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United 787-9, United 67 Heavy, Landing

What Device are you using?

I’ll fly from YGDO, N658KW. Spitfire.

Did you catch my go around and landing?

My recorder is finally working, I will be recording for 22 more minutes

Wait so you just started recording?

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No, 20 minutes ago …

Either way I missed you.

I’m coming to YSSY next!

Hello everyone! The video has been recorded, and is being edited soon! If you could please take [THIS POLL] ([POLL] New Video Dilemma!) it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you everyone!

Here is the video!

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Hope you enjoy!

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