Timelapse of South African Airways flight 207

As many of you know I have a YouTube channel (#linkinbio) and I upload Infinite Flight timelapses weekly on Saturdays at either 6 PM ET or 7 PM ET. This video required 12 hours of video and a days-worth of video editing along with flying the flight itself.

I flew from Accra, Ghana (DGAA) to Washington, D.C. (KIAD) on the South African A333 on the night of April 16th. The flight was supposed to end with IFATC, as KIAD was featured that day, however there was none. As I was approaching Dulles, I saw @Tnel landing there from I believe LFPG. I never got to recording the replay until just a few days ago on Monday when there was a Science field trip that would involve us getting wet. I didn’t want my phone to get wet while we were there, so I opted to keep it at home. The perfect time to record this. I started the recording at 6 am and kept it going til 5 that evening. The 11 hour recording was successful, but I needed to edit. I was very busy during the week with school work, so I waited until Friday and yesterday to start. It took me a total of 8 hours of video editing to present this wonderful timelapse to you. Enjoy!


I will take a look soon, the video seems to look good!

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If only SA flew to my homeland 😢
Cool video!

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Thanks, and maybe they will someday


Can anyone tell me why the ocean turns black at 2:29?

Very nice!

Love the transition from dark to day

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