Timelapse of my best flight yet

A while ago I did a wonderful flight from Montreal in Canada to Rome in Italy. What made the flight so special was that everything went as planned with no complications and I did my best takeoff and landing ever during that flight. So, in order to remember that fantastic flight, I decided to make a timelapse out of it. And here it is! This project took me one month to complete so I hope that the community will appreciate it.
The flight that was reproduced was AC892 that flew on July 19th. Everything exactly the same as the real flight.
Without further ado, please enjoy this result of hard work and a high quality flight simulator.
I also want to thank the IF development team for making this possible. Without all the HD scenery, the realism of the airports and aircraft. I wouldn’t have been able to replicate such a flight.

Please rate my timelapse and tell me if there are things that I change for my next timelapse.
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Awesome time lapse but I recommend zooming in on the footage so you don’t get those black bars on the side.

It always does that when I export the file.

It looks like you Use iMovie so press on the video then press on the + icon up the top right of the screen and you can then zoom in.

When I create the video, I don’t have those black bars. It’s when I export the video that it does that.

Do what I said above, because it works for me

Where do I do that?

Like this, I will make a video to show you.


This video needs more views!

@Philippe_Gilbert its still a great vid bro be proud of ur self man!

Awesome I like it 👍🏽👍🏽

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