Timelapse of a A350 delivery flight

Background to the timelapse

The time has arrived where I have made a new timelapse after making my previous timelapse a few months back. Since the release of the A350, I decided to use that aircraft for my next timelapse.

Flight information

  • The flight that was timelapse du was LH9921 from Toulouse to Munich which was the delivery flight of D-AIXO.
  • D-AIXO is an A350-900 that is still flying for Lufthansa to this day.
  • Cruising altitude was FL320 and cruising speed was M 0.85.
  • I was unable to upload the video to YouTube so here is the sharing link instead.
  • Enjoy the timelapse!

The timelapse itself


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Feel free to tell me your thoughts on my timelapse. Are there things that I should improve on? Tell me.