Timelapse Mode Question

My Current Flight and Flight Time: 6:32 ETE : EGLL - OMDB

I was wondering how long the time lapse feature in Infinite Flight would take approximate to the ETE Till Destination. I am doing a group flight on Casual EGLL - OMDB when I never though about how long the actual time lapse video would take. Right now my ETE is about 6 hours till destination, so If anyone is kind enough to tell how long (in minutes) a 6 hour video would take. I suppose that this question not be in support because this would be considered a live question for those who would want to correspond to the time lapse mode. Some videos are 5 minutes and some are 6 minutes according to YouTube but those are other editors… I am just curious how long the time lapse will record a 6 hour flight. I do not know how much storage the actual timelapse mode will take up so that why I am asking. I currently have only 611 mbs so I do not want to run out of data mid flight :) How long does a normal 6 hour time lapse take up in your storage


I suggest just experimenting and playing around, actually trying it would be the best answer.

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I updated the bottom of the thread to be more specific, sorry that was my other question… Does anyone know how much data a 6 hour flight without timelapse mode would take up

A LOT! I would do a clip up to 5 mins (such as people landing or something) and just speed it up so it takes about 10-15 seconds. Honestly, you don’t want a very long timelapse, unless it is the only thing you are recording.


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