Timelapse in Replay Mode

Hello all!

I’ve been flying a lot recently, and I really enjoy watching my flight in replay mode after I finish. However, replay mode is not the best for cinematic purposes. The only way to get rid of the “control bar” is to turn on “hide status bar” in the settings, and there is no way to time-lapse a flight. If I ever wanted to record a video, I would have to fly the flight, and then leave replay mode on for the same amount of time while recording the screen. Next, I would have to move the file into an editor and speed it up.

However, before the replay mode update, solo replay had the ability to speed up and slow down your flight, and was a cool feature.

My hope is that this feature will be brought back!

Leave your opinions down below.

I think you’re referring to changing the speed by slowing it down or speeding it up, not a time lapse, unless I was missing an amazing feature that once existed.


Hello, If you hold the screen down for 3 seconds in replay mode the bar goes away. This is something I would love to see in the near future. Make sure to vote yourself.

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I’m not really sure how to describe it, but in solo replay there was an option to speed up or slow down the replay.
You could go for example 2x speed up to 16x speed, and down to .10x speed.
Hope this helps!

I just wanted to help you clairfy your request so people didn’t misunderstand what you were requesting. :) (Although it would be very cool if you could automatically create a time lapse)


Just like the last point you mentioned above, I used to remember using the “Roll” feature during the flight Replay in the Solo mode before 19.1 update. This was basically the “time lapse” of the replay as I remember. You could even adjust the speed.

If Infinite Flight would make an adjusting feature that also allows you make it happen along with the hud disappearing like this one, that would be great.

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Hello, infinite flight took down one of the best features, I’m really unhappy about that decision, I’m a full subscriber for a few years and I expected infinite flight to justify the amount of money we pay by adding new things not by taking down some of the coolest things.


This would actually be very useful. I voted.

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Time to remove a vote



Definitely has my vote

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This is an awesome feature removed, and I would vote, but I can’t. Hope it comes back