Timelapse editing

Hello everyone! I record my flights to post on yt but I need to find a way to get the bars where you change flaps and stuff out the way. I have the disappearing feature on but when I have them up, do I just crop the video? If someone could help me that would be great!

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There’s actually a great fix to your problem - Replay Mode. Infinite Flight released replay mode a while ago and it’s an incredible tool for screenshots and timelapses. It even helps to make your photo/video higher resolution! I assume you are talking about recording while in-flight and having the Interface disappear. The best solution to this would be to head to the ‘Replays’ section from the main home screen after your flight, select the replay of your flight, and replay it. You can then position your camera wherever you wish, and the replay will play itself and replay your flight. You can get rid of the Map/UI and then tap and hold to get rid of the timeline, and you’ve got yourself a big screen view. You can then screen record your flight from whatever angle you wish, until you want to stop. This does mean you have to leave your device screen recording for the length of the flight, however. Hope this helps!

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In replay mode, hold down for a few seconds anywhere on the screen after hitting play and then it will just be your flight’s video with nothing obstructing it!

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