Timelapse Descent And Landing At Hamad (OTHH)

After delivering a load of cargo to Mactan-Cebu Airport (RPVM) for a GAF mission, I decided to return to Europe via Hamad Airport (OTHH) as it was featured on the ATC Schedule.

Here’s the full descent and landing, sped up for convenience:

See if you can spot yourself!

Features @CrazyBee at 1:35.

Thank you @Oliver_P for giving me vectors in time with the music (watch the video) and @Destroyer350 for controlling tower.


Now that’s what i call a perfect landing !

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100,50,40,30,20,10 BUTTER!!!🛬. Nice timelapse!

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Great landing. Refreshing to see fellow pilots fly in cockpit view 👍

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This is really cool to see! Thanks for flying in!

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Ah yes just a few hours ago I saw this guy at Changi

Btw nice landing there


That was my Departure. I was flying to Singapore

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Remember i am everywhere you can spot me always in IF (expect to day as i have to drive 4hrs to Grandparents 😂)

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Well that is the first time I see you lol

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Wow! This was mesmerising to watch. And that landing was just simply beautiful 😍. Loved the video and also great to see someone else using IF assistant

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Looks beautiful 🥰

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